Paint job: Kitbashed Drukhari Mandrakes

Wow, that’s a bit out of the blue. Mandrakes. Whatever is that. Ok, Mandrakes are some form of daemon tormentors from a parallel dimension within the Webway known as the Aelindrach. They dwell in the shadows, and they do really bad things. Even the Drukhari fear them. So you know they’re up to no good. […]

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A Thousand Sons

Greeting fellow adventurers! I’ve had a couple of requests for pictures of my full Thousand Sons army for a while now. I haven’t been able to do so yet. Some of the stuff isn’t readily available for me due to the whole Corona pandemic. And other stuff isn’t quite ready for a army showcasing. But […]

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A return to the hobby

Oh my, it been a while, hasn’t it? I think my last post was back in June or maybe early July. I remember having a great hobby flow; painting modelling and even gaming regularly. And then the Warp Storm known to us all as real life consumed me. And the hobby fell long and hard […]

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