Mansions of Madness: Father Mateo

Double posting! Triple Mansions of Madness feature. I really enjoyed painting these board game miniatures. While they lack the detail and crispness of Games Workshop models they do have a lot of charm and character.

I picked Father Mateo, the priest, as my investigator. He is a troubled man of God at the brink of losing his faith. He has seen to many unexplainable things, things that should not be. To make sense of these things, he’s following the leads further and further down the rabbit’s hole.

While his God remains silent, he can hear call of Chtulhu …

Again, a fairly straightforward paint job. I gave him a five o’clock shadow to underline his troubled persona. Overall quite pleased with his face.

That’s it for now. Take care!

8 thoughts on “Mansions of Madness: Father Mateo

  1. Really nice. I always struggle with greying hair for some reason, it always looks either too white or just not quite right somehow, but this works great. And the face is certainly something to be proud of.

    I used to love reading H.P. Lovecraft, so this is a really appealing project.

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    1. Thank you. The grey hair was surprisingly hard to get to this point. Loads of back and forth with different shades of grey and washes.


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