A Thousand Sons, part 2

I had my first game of 8th edition the other day and I brought my brand new Thousand Sons army to the battle. I knew I was up against a Tzeentch heavy Daemon army. Not the best match up for Thousand Sons as daemons rely heavily on invulnerable saves and have a strong psychic phase. […]

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Paint Job: Seraphon Kroxigors

Of all the models in the Seraphon range the Kroxigors are among my favourites – they are hulking brutes towering high above the Skinks and Warriors. Ruleswise they’re quite impressive too. 8″ move, four wounds, 4+ save and weapons with a high damage output. I would love to convert some to 40k too. They remind […]

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The Banner of Blood

Here’s a quick one – a while ago Mark from Heresy of Us and Black Earth sent me this cool skull pyramid. I’ve been wanting to use it since then and I finally decided to make an Objective Marker out of it. So with a few bits and bobs from different kits I ended up […]

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