First glance at Codex Thousand Sons

Thursday night the Warhammer Community Team threw down a preview game between Adeptus Custodes and Thousand Sons. Yes, they gave a sneak peak of the new Codex for the Thousand Sons. I probably missed a lot, misremembered some more but this is what I picked up.

  • Reroll 1s on the invulnerable saves is out. I didn’t catch what new aura we got.
  • Legion Trait sounded like +6″ spell range (maybe just first cast spell per model or maybe all spells).
  • Dark Matter Crystal (a relic) allows you to remove a unit close to the bearer from the board and redeploy the unit via deep strike.
  • Dark Hereticus is still in and there are plenty of more spells.
  • Aspiring Sorcerers can take other spells (unsure if you can take it on top of Smite or if you drop Smite).
  • Glamour of Tzeentch spell gives one of your unit -1 to hit protection.
  • Doombolt spell does some damage and reduces target units move.
  • Temporal Manipulation is another spell but I have no idea of what it does.
  • Infernal Gateway deals Mortal Wounds, like an area effect.
  • Tzaangor Shaman is an elite choice and not HQ. The Shaman can reroll a Psychic test (probably the Elixir from AoS).
  • Tzaangor Enlightened can take bows and shoot magical arrows that auto-wound on to hit rolls of 6+. Assault 1d3 shots.
  • Lord of Forbidden Lore Warlord Trait give an additional spell.
  • There is a stratagem that allows a unit to set up in the webway or something like that. Deep strike. Works on Tzaangors at least.
  • Veterans of the Long War is still in!
  • Mutalith Vortex Beast buffs nearby units. Like reroll charge rolls if you’re in the 6″ aura.

That’s what I got from the preview game. If I missed or misunderstood something let me know in the comments.

All is dust!

14 thoughts on “First glance at Codex Thousand Sons

  1. Still not sure I like the idea of Tzaangor Enlightened with bows in 40k, seems like they were trying to shoehorn them in somewhat, but I’m equally inspired by the cool conversions we could see to give them more futuristic weapons. Plus the fact that the Tzaangor Shaman made it into the 41st Millennium forgives a multitude of sins!

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    1. I know what you mean. The bows are really cool and the models look great with them. But it’s bow and arrows. Conversion might be the way forward here.

      I’m going for a dust host. Just picked up another set of Rubrics. Hurray for me! (I should maybe finish painting the last set now.)

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  2. I don’t mind bows and arrows. After all, the primary offense for three of my armies against tanks is to walk up to them and hit them with swords in two cases and axes in the third. 🙂

    Looks like the codex is pretty solid. I particularly favor things that let you redeploy, since I like to attempt to win games with maneuver and such as much as offense. The -1 to be hit spell seems very good, especially if you want to protect a 10+ wound character or something that has a situational need for protection.

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    1. Anything that helps you manoeuvre is welcome. Especially stuff like the Dark Matter Crystal that lets you redeploy mid game. That’s just golden.

      It will be so much fun diving into the Codex once it drops. I think we’ve only seen a small part yet but it points in a direction that looks very, very good.

      I’m so pumped, I actually went out and bought another box of Rubrics today!

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      1. The thing that has me pumped in general is that codices for the most part seem like they have good stuff you can do, but with a few exceptions, aren’t broken like they have been in some previous editions I played. This had a chilling effect by and large on the player base at the various venues I played in. Now it seems like they are trying their best to make everyone’s factions viable and where I live there is a lot more interest in 40K now.

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      2. I agree completely. I still haven’t seen a Codex that isn’t on par with the rest. They bring you loads of options and strategies. All units are viable and have their uses. That’s huge. Sure some units work better in concert with certain others but no unit is unusable. Today you can pretty much build your army around the units you like the most.

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      1. You must! They are, hands down, the best rank and file models Games Workshop ever made. The level of detail, poses and over all feel is just superb. They really hit the mark here.


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