Paint job: Sol Mikh’Ar, Exalted Sorcerer

We did not damn our brothers only embrace servitude and offer fealty to the Great Corruptor. The same Warp Deity who cursed our Legion with his gifts of mutation and flesh-change in first place. Only fools, greedy or simple fools, thread the paths of lies set by Tzeentch and betray our brothers a second time.

There is but one way to honour our damned brothers and that is to continue to fight the eternal war – the War on Fate itself. By any means necessary.

Sol Mikh’Ar

Exalted Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons

Brotherhood of the Never-Changing

+++ +++ +++

Exalted Sorcerer

Check out my 30k Ahzek Ahriman Conversion, Warlord of my Thousand Sons Sol Mikh’Ar. I played him as Ahriman (who is outstanding in the Index) but the new Codex will hopefully close the gap between Ahriman and the Exalted Sorcerer. I’m really looking forward to fielding him as a proper Exalted Sorcerer without feeling like I’m handicapping myself.

Exalted Sorcerer

I’m quite pleased with the paint job. The yellow strips are horrible to paint and I find painting white so freaking hard. I don’t understand people get white so smooth. I got plenty of time to practice with some 30 tabards left to paint in my army.

Exalted Sorcerer

Hope you appreciate the effort. I am, like I mention before, quite pleased with it.

Exalted Sorcerer

All is dust!

13 thoughts on “Paint job: Sol Mikh’Ar, Exalted Sorcerer

  1. Oh yeah! That is really nice mate – I hear you re. the white… I avoid it like the plague tbh!!

    On the bright side, you will certainly be a much better painter for doing 30 of the buggers, and you can always come back and touch up the early ones if you aren’t happy 🙂

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  2. Nice model and paint job. The glowing is a nice touch too.

    I hate white too. My only advice is to start with a grey basecoat. It makes it easier, though still a pain, to build up the white. Plus, it lets you use the grey as a shading as well 🙂

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