Paint job: Aether Wolves

The dark places, where the veil is thin and the ramparts of reality crack, that’s where you’ll find them. Or rather, that’s were they’ll find you. They’ll come hunting you in packs through the corridors of abandoned Space Hulks, the pale Wyrd Woods on the Fringe or the deep Undergrowth beneath the Warp infested places of this wretched galaxy.

The first thing you’ll hear will be them clawing their way through from unreality. Then the howls begins and by now you better start running. Devil Dogs, Warp Hounds, Khymera, Aether Wolves; you’ll run out of breath before you run out of names. When they feast on your flesh you’ll call them death.

Here’s a little something I mashed together awhile back. I never finished them. But after seeing Wudugast’s cyber-mastiffs I got the urge to finish the paint job. The conversion is pretty straightforward – Sigmar’s favourite puppy (Gryph-hounds) mashed with Genestealer head and some Green Stuff fur. I wanted to make the paint job something different so I opted for the ghostly base with a 50 shades of grades grey to black drybrush. Not my best paint job (or conversion for that matter) but they look ok on the table.

Some more pictures

My idea is to use them as Drukhari Khymera or maybe Chaos Spawn for 40k. In Age of Sigmar I think I can find some use for them with my Nighthaunts. But mostly I think I’ll use them as threats in more Narrative things.

Hope you like them.

10 thoughts on “Paint job: Aether Wolves

    1. Yeah, I think that would be possible. I’m saying this without having looked at the Space Wolf Wolves in person. They look a bit skinnier but that wouldn’t matter much. My Aether Wolves are actually a biproduct of another conversion. I bought the kit to get my hands on the Gryph heads.


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