The Medusa Twins

The Medusa is a symbiotic entity, an otherworldly parasite that latches on to a Drukhari host. Its terrible gaze is then weaponised (of course) and the Medusa often take place in one of the many courts of the Archons. I picked up a host of Drukhari Warriors on the cheap a while ago as I want to build up an army. As I was looking at the sprue the idea of kit bashing a court for my Archon came to me.

I didn’t wanted to green stuff an alien brain and some robes to try and mimic the official model. Instead I wanted the strongest design elements of the model – the cyclopean eye and the chained arms. To me, being a Medusa is a punishment.

Games Workshop Drukhari Medusa

I dove into my Drukhari bits and this is what I ended up with – The Medusa Twins. Like I mentioned before, I didn’t want to copy the original model but at the same time I wanted the model to be instantaneously recognisable as a Medusa. I believe I succeeded with that. I don’t know why but I also wanted to strip away any sense of uniqueness, that’s why I copied the pose and bits used. Best choice? I’m not sure but it is what it is.

Kit bashed Drukhari Medusa

Kit bashed Drukhari Medusa

Oh, they need some gap filling but you get the picture.

Keep on keeping on.

8 thoughts on “The Medusa Twins

    1. Cheers! I’ve got a pretty cool and solid idea regarding the Llamaean, a vague one about the Ur-Ghul but I’m blank when it comes to the big serpentine Sslyth. It would be cool having at least one of each. If only to showcase them.


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