WIP: Chaos Contemptor, part 3

It’s now the first of October and that means that #dreadtober is officially on. I have more or less finished the build and sculpting part of my pledge. The Khornate Contemptor Helbrute is pretty much done. I have a few minor details left and some gap filling. 

But I have sculpted Khorne runes, added battle damage, done a head swap, built a Plasma Cannon arm, re-done the Power Fist, added flair and changed the pose. All the things I set out to do. I’ll add some painting goals to, just need to figure them out first. 

I’m really pleased with it so far. I think it looks bad ass. 

Chaos Contemptor Helbrute

Chaos Contemptor Helbrute back

Chaos Contemptor Helbrute

Chaos Contemptor Helbrute

Keep on keeping on!

21 thoughts on “WIP: Chaos Contemptor, part 3

      1. I hear you brother. I could cut, carve, glue and imagine all day long but painting isn’t my favourite. Although I do like the finished result and I enjoy coming up with new techniques and schemes.

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      2. It doesn’t help that I feel like the world’s slowest painter. It just takes forever to get stuff done. The reward upon finishing is great thou. Painted models are a joy to play with.

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    1. Thanks. It would have been so easy for GW to make the kit fully poseable. It’s a shame that they dropped the ball. That said, I did like to work on the kit. Great fun.

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