Bring me the Heart of the Iron Oracle – battle report (comic book style)

The game last Friday night was a blast. Sure we both made horrible mistakes and probably forgot tons of rules, for both better and worse. But that’s ok; we didn’t break the most important rule, you see. Now be warned – this was a game of fluffy list and unbroken combinations, the armies deployed mediocre tactics and … yeah, you get the point. If you are looking to improve your competitive edge, well this battle report won’t give you much. It is all about forging the Narrative! I had a blast playing the game and I wanted to reflect that in an equally awesome fashion. And what’s more awesome than a comic book style battle report?

I put quite a lot of effort into making the battle report so I hope you’ll enjoy it. 

If you liked it, please drop a comment. 

Keep on trucking. 

8 thoughts on “Bring me the Heart of the Iron Oracle – battle report (comic book style)

    1. Yeah, it was something else I guess.

      I used a couple of iPhone apps – Pixlr to edit the photos
      Prisma to do the art filter (I used the Tokyo filter)
      Halftone 2 to do the comic book style

      I hope you feel it worthy to steal/borrow/copy.

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    1. Cheers! It is probably the lack of quality in the photos that makes it hard to make out. I had to crop and zoom the in game shots too much. I wish I had time to “stage” photos but I was wrapped up in the game to do just that. And I didn’t take the shots with a comic book in mind.

      If I do it again I’ll have this in mind though.


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