Paint job: Chaos Legion Praetor Conversion


“Was this it?” The blast should have killed him, but it didn’t. He slowly walked through the fire and smoke produced by the heavy barrage. The men in front of him were transfixed with horror. Unable to act as their doom strode towards them.

The ancient Cataphractii armour was beaten, barely hanging together. Its paint was all but gone and the metal laid bare, overtaken by rust and corrosion. It was ridden with holes and cracks out of which slithering maggot-like mutation crawled. The dread armour and the man now wearing it had seen more betrayal and treacherous deceit than most men could fathom in a lifetime of dark dreams. The Terminator Champion was nothing short of a living relic of the Long War.

“Was this it?” He repeated his question, speaking in the same quite voice. His voice might had been quite but it was heard though the cacophony of the battlefield as if carried through the Immaterium of the Warp. They heard him. He knew it. He grinned at poor guardsmen in front of him. They were all dead, dead but breathing.

He raised his mace of blackest steel up with his two left arms. Unlike so many before him he’d never resisted the mutations of the Warp. He had stopped being human when he became a Space Marine ages ago. The gifts of Chaos was merely a progression on the same path. And the path to power was not one trodden by those weak at heart or vain.

The mace screamed for blood as he assualted the combined squad. Lasgun fire reflected off his armour. Heads cracked and bodies exploded as he laid into the guardsmen. Shock waves of blood and gore increased the toll by every hit. Death encompassed him and seconds later he stood alone in a red mist upon a sea of dead.

Terminator Champion Arkan Teach of the Lords of Ascension

This is my Legion Praetor conversion. I like the conversion and paint job. It looks pretty Chaos to me, which is what I aimed for. The armour is corrupted, the gifts of mutation unmistakable and the mace looks like it can break a few heads. My favorite part of the model is his face. He looks pretty evil, doesn’t he?







I can run this model in a couple of ways – Terminator Champion with Power Mace, Chaos Lord with the Black Mace, Sorcerer with Force Stave.

Let me know what you think!


11 thoughts on “Paint job: Chaos Legion Praetor Conversion

  1. Great job. I love the fluffy introduction. I need to start doing that.

    Clever use of the Warp Talon jet pack bits for that mace. I might steal that idea at some point ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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