WIP: Chaos Raptors

To celebrate the new Chaos Space Marines codex I decided to build my box of Raptors. Ok, there is no new book on the horizon but at least we’ll be getting some new formations and stuff with the revamped Black Legion and Crimson Slaughter supplements. I’ll be doing a run down of the new books once I get my hands on them.

But for now, back to the Raptors. This kit is amazing. The models are great with an extremely high and well executed level of detail, cool looking weapons (the chainswords are golden!) and really cool shoulder pads and heads. The only complaint I have is that there is isn’t more bits in the box.

Here is a couple of snaps of the models.

Your average death dealing Chaos dude.
Melta gun.
Another melta dude, the gun is an ancient relic of the Long War (i.e. from Betrayal at Calth).
A second bodybag … erhm … death dealing Chaos dude.
The power sword at least look sweet. Too bad it’s a bit lack-luster in game. Oh well, always model for the cool factor.

Raptors are a tad expensive and lack survivability (unless you spend more points for the Mark of Nurgle). If they’d drop say three points per model you would see more use of them. They have fear which is meh against most units but every once in awhile you benefit from it. Fear is one of those rules I always forget about. The unit is not really an assault unit but a mobile tank hunter unit. Melta guns on a unit that can move 12″ is never a bad thing.

Back to the revamped supplements – I can’t decide which would fit the theme of my Chaos Warband – The Lords of Ascension. The warband is old (like a couple of millennia) but they aren’t Horus Heresy old. I run my list based on assault and give all champions both close combat weapons and gift of mutation. What do you think – is Black Legion or Crimson Slaughter better to base the warband on or should I just stick with the ancient codex?

And I just read that Games Workshop are, according to the rumours, releasing rules for a Chaos Knight detachment. If true, I might just have to pick save up for that Knight I always wanted.


13 thoughts on “WIP: Chaos Raptors

    1. Cheers.

      A chaos knight detachment making Chaos Knights available to both Chaos Daemons and Chaos Space Marines. That would be really awesome. If the rumour holds true that is. It should be released this weekend or next.

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  1. I love Raptors for all the same reasons, yet rarely use them because of the points, as you said. It’s like Mutilators, it’s a unit I want to love, but just isn’t where it should be.

    In your position, I’d lean towards Black Legion.

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  2. I love the raptor kit – would love an updated multi-part chosen kit or new CSM kit in the same styling. The raptor kit is my go to chaos marine kitbashing kit of choice – not often that I build them complete but instead mix them in with other parts.

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  3. The raptors are a gorgeous kit right enough – it’s shocking how long mine have been in need of paint. Don’t let yours end up the same way mate – get a coat of paint on them! 🙂

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  4. Nice models there man. It’s true about Chaos Knights btw…you can already get rules for them from FW, they’re just making it GW official. We might even see a Knight with a Chaos vehicle upgrade frame in the future ;)…sorry…I mean Chaos Knight.

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    1. Thanks.

      Hopefully, they’ll include rules for more Knight classes. FW only got the Errant and Paladin, right? And no carapace weapons either. Or melta guns.

      And I wonder if the renegade Knight and the true Chaos Knight will have the same rules.

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      1. I suspect so to be honest. GW have a really nasty habit of just copying and pasting rules. They will probably be exactly the same with the addition of aligning the Knight with 1 of the Gods, giving them an extra ability.

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