Paint job: Tzaangor Twistbray

With Kill Team really blowing up, I’m looking at my different armies and building all sorts of warbands. Since Thousand Sons is my primary army for 8th editions, I took a Thousand Sons Kill Team for my first spin. It was a ton of fun. Just as in regular Warhammer 40,000, Thousand Sons picks are very expensive and very elite. To round out my list I use a Tzaangor Twistbray as my Leader Specialist. Ok, maybe not the most obvious choice or the most fluffy one. But it’s a good one.

So to justify my pick of Leader I converted a Twistbray called Voidgazer. He’s the one that gazed into the abyss until the abyss gazed back into him too.

I tried a lot of different techniques painting this model, with Azazel’s Technical August hobby challenge in mind. I did free hand runes and markings on the Chainsword, colour shift with glaze on the feathers but main thing is the arcane dome thing. I wanted it have a glowing feel so I did some object source lightning, not overwhelming but subtle and light. The dome itself has a free hand vertigo swirl. I used different gold and silver colours as base and then I painted layer upon layer of glaze, ‘ardcoat and gemstone to create the effect. I’m rather pleased with it.

I hope you like Voidgazer. Personally I like both the conversion and the paint job. It was a fun challenge and it helped me to push myself out of my comfort zone. Thanks Azazel!

Keep on keeping on!

13 thoughts on “Paint job: Tzaangor Twistbray

  1. Very cool mate – there’s a lot of cleaver stuff going on here! The feathers are lovely, and the OSL works well, but that orb steals the show for me – it’s hypnotic! Nice job dude 🙂

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  2. I’m also liking this guy and the orb/altar on more birds is certainly sweet because with Tzeentch one always needs more birds. Your choice of colors for feathers is a nice contrast, while going with the orb, for the blue body.

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    1. Cheers! The orb resting on the birds was probably the first thing I thought of before starting the conversion. I’m happy the idea kind of worked (not exactly as planned but close enough)

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  3. Dead sexy. I really love the depth of the effects that you’ve managed to get in that orb! The dark photos don’t do most of the model any favours, but they really bring out both the orb and the flame!
    The translucent layers hold up beautifully even on the well-lit photos. Amazing work!

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    1. Cheers. The photos against black create a cool ambiance. A darkness for lack of better words. I need to work on how to take good photographs. My main problem is the lack of proper lighting. What I need is a couple of daylight bulbs for a consistent light on the model. But regardless, they still look kind of cool.

      I’m glad you like the model.

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    1. Cheers. The dark photos are mostly for ambiance and mood. But I should really get a couple of daylight bulbs and up the quality of the pictures a bit.


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