Paint job: Trung Gozen, Drukhari Archon

When my fellow blogger Alex from the most excellent and awesome blog – Leadballony launched his own February paint challenge I knew I had to participate. I do this from time to time. It’s fun and it helps you get motivated with your painting. And you get things done. Last part in theory anyway. I’m pretty bad at actually meeting the deadline. Oh well, that’s a different story.

Back to the story at hand, the paint challenge – Fembruary is all about bumping one or more female models to the top of your ‘to paint’ list and getting paint on them before the end of the month. So drop what you are doing a paint a female model. No problem. I can do this. A single model is some what more doable than a Lord of Skulls (technically a single model too but you know what I mean) or a squad of Rubric Marines (they take forever).

I love the concept of this challenge by the way. Fantastic initiative Alex! So I did what I had to do. I put aside my Thousand Sons and placed a Drukhari model on the table. Top of the list. No excuses. Let’s get this done.

And only six days into February I’m done. Boom! How about that. Here’s my kitbashed Drukhari Archon (because you don’t have to feminise a title, it doesn’t have to be “Archoness”) ready to plunder the Imperium, feast on the fear of the innocent and defend the Dark City from the Thousand Sons invaders.

Trung Gozen, Archon of the Kabal of Infinite Sorrow

I want my Drukhari force to be different from the standard black drab. Nothing wrong with that but it is a bit … well, overdone. So red, white and blue it is. But I might change it up a bit, I’m not completely sold on the paint scheme. And the paint job is a bit rushed. My plan for my Drukhari is to get it done, table top standard.

Painting this model was a bit of a challenge to me as I don’t really ever paint faces. Nimble elven faces even more seldom. It’s mostly helmets, brutes and monsters for me. Let’s be frank, it was hard. The face looks ok at arms length but when you get close … geez. My hand isn’t steady enough and my blending sucks. I need to practice at that.

Peace out!

9 thoughts on “Paint job: Trung Gozen, Drukhari Archon

  1. Nice one dude, and thanks for the support – Trung Gozen certainly looks to be a force to be reckoned with! I love the brighter-than-usual approach and the haughty posing, while that warpaint is very cool.

    Interesting that you identified that you don’t paint many ‘normal’ faces – it didn’t occur to me until you mentioned it, but ‘oh yeah!’ Makes this doubley impressive mate – it’s tough to paint outside the comfort zone, but you did a great job here. High-fives dude!


    1. Cheers mate! I’m glad you like her, she is quite the killer. But I might have to revisit her face once I’m done with some TS.

      I just don’t understand how you go about painting small faces. I get the general idea – base, shade, layer – but after that it’s like running into a brick wall. Do you use a magnifying glass when you paint? How small must the paint brush be? Is there a way to keep your hand more steady?

      When you look at painting vids it all looks so simple. And in theory it is I guess.

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      1. I don’t (indeed can’t) use a magnifier, but I do use my smallest brush (the GW artificer one), and I use really thin layers… you kind of want to exagerate the shade & highlight quite a lot because you’re doing so much in such a small area, but it needs to be really subtle. Also don’t be scared to add in very subtle blues, purples etc. around the eyes, bottom lip etc. Ultimately, it is all about practice mate! 😉

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  2. Nice job! I applaud your “tabletop standard” approach — I’m a subscriber myself, and I must say it results in far more cool new toys on the tabletop compared to more detailer & time consuming painting methods. At the end of the day, they’re just toy soldiers!

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