WIP: Lord of Skulls, part 1

My inner Tech-Priest or rather Warpsmith have been busy building the Khorne Lord of Skulls. It was a ton of fun. The kit is probably the most intricate and complex that I ever gotten my hands on. It is by far the biggest model I built.

Khorne Lord of Skulls

The arm and clever looks a bit off like this but that’s mostly because it’s hard to photograph. But I’m open for suggestions.

Building the Lord of Skulls has made me reevaluate the model completely. Like most, I felt the Daemon Engine a bit wonky, looking at the pictures on the GW website. The whole tank/centaur thing is weird. But having the model in my hands, the bulk and feel just overwhelms me. It’s bloody awesome! Trust me on this one.

Khorne Lord of Skulls

Khorne Lord of Skulls

Sorry about the absolutely crap photos. They’re the best I’ve got right now. Anyway, check out the bad boy with some buddies from my collection. Huge is the proper word here!

Khorne Lord of Skulls

I decided to keep it subassembled. I want to try and painted to the best of my ability. Having it subassembled will help me do that. I think.

Khorne Lord of Skulls

With subassembled I mean subassembled.

Khorne Lord of Skulls

Like really subassembled. In parts.

Khorne Lord of Skulls

One last one, just check out the scale of the head of the Lord. Wow! The level of detail is amazing.

Khorne Lord of Skulls head size

For the Blood God!

24 thoughts on “WIP: Lord of Skulls, part 1

  1. I know it gets a bit of a bashing a lot of the time but I’ve always loved that model, just never had the disposable income to get one yet. I’ll be watching your progress with barely disguised avarice! 🙂

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    1. I think I saved up enough cash twice to buy the Lord of Skulls but both times I just couldn’t do it and the cash slowly withered away in the grocery store buying food and diapers (stated for dramatic reasons). I’m really grateful for the gift.

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      1. Aye, that’s money for you – similar things keep happening to me every time I try to save up for it! Of course that doesn’t stop a heap of unpainted models accruing anyway which then leave me feeling a little guilty and even less inclined to buy something quite so huge. In the meantime I shall enjoy your Lord of Skulls by proxy. 🙂

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      2. It is remarkably strange how you can spend even larger amounts of money on smaller kits without giving it much thought but a bit kit is a big mental no-no.

        I’m actually looking forward to painting it. It looks fun.

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      3. I do the same. I look at the FW kits I want and can’t make me order something for 150 pounds. Just go out drinking up the amount over a couple of nights instead. Weird how you prioritize 🙂

        Never liked the Khorne aesthetics of the kit but I have seen some mad conversions. Looking forward to see it grow.

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      4. Aye! The fortunes spent at the pub. I keep reminding myself of those drinking days when ever I feel this hobby too expensive.

        We’ll see if I can convince you with the paint job. I’ll prime it today and get cracking.

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    1. It dropped a ton of points, didn’t it. In 7th it was more than half your army, had really weird rules (was it a walker or tank, could it be locked in combat or thunder blitz out of melee?) and just didn’t carry its weight (all theory here). In 8th it’s less than a third of your army, it has great damage output and just work (again all theory). I’m looking forward to building lists around it. I think that it would work great with either Thousand Sons or CSM. Threat overload type lists will really benefit from its presence. Some Obliterators deep striking, Slaanesh Plasma Terminators infiltrating and this. Yeah all fun.

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  2. I’ve still got 1 of these half finished up in the loft :/ I started to convert it so it was more Nurgle-esque and got bored with the paint job. The lesson here is don’t paint an army with Ushabti Bone. It is a nice kit though yeah, though I think I still prefer it’s walking counter-part.

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    1. The Kytan is an absolute beast. I love that model.

      I decided not to convert mine. I was toying with the idea of making a Lord of Dust for my Thousand Sons. But naw, this one’ll be all Khorne all the time. Pale burnished gold and a really dark red is my plan.

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