WIP: Forgefiend Conversion, part 4

Remember way back when, when I said that I’d finish the legs the coming weekend. I almost did. Almost. Then time just kept on running by. You know the routine – work, family, responsibilities – the lamentations of adult life. And then the Euro2016 started.

I’ve put down some work on the conversion, five minutes here and there. Never enough to do another post. (Maybe I should have done it anyway but … you know.) But I finally got the last work done and finished the legs and midriff.

Check it out!

14 thoughts on “WIP: Forgefiend Conversion, part 4

    1. Cheers mate! He’s big. If I’d making him stand up straight with “normal” proportions I think he would end up somewhere around 6″ tall. But he’ll be a hunch-back instead. I’ll try and get some scale shots next time.

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  1. Great stuff, glad to see some more on this. I have been slowly building up supplies for a similar but more knightly endeavour. Suffice to say I have using your posts for a bunch of inspiration.

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    1. Glad you still along for the ride, it’s been awhile since the last update.

      If I had some Knight Weapons I would scratch build a Chaos Renegade Knight in a heartbeat. That would be a massively cool project. I’ll be following you build once you get cracking.


      1. I really hope you do follow along as I will be wanting a lot of advance. Honestly it is going to be a similar build on the legs. I had worked out a rough idea before but it was just far too small in the end.

        Hopefully you won’t leave us waiting so long before the next one eh?

        Won’t let me sign into G+ this time oddly.


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