WIP: Forgefiend Conversion, part 5

+++ Many Carnifexes died to give you this update. +++

I’ve started working on the upper body. There loads and loads of work left to do but I’m extremely pleased with the feel and pose of beast. The fact that I can put it together (apart from the Hades cannons) helps a lot when it comes to visualize where I’m going.

I used four spare carapace pieces from the Carnifex kit to form the torso. The Carnifex kit is awesome and comes with a boat load of extras. Quite remarkable for such an old kit.

The torso will hold the weapon arms and the head (or rather its neck) has been cut down a bit so that it can slide inside the torso. And the plasticard bit on top is there to ensure a snug fit with armoured carapace.

The carapace is still very rough, almost a sketch. But it gives the basic layout and concept. As you can tell, it’s made using old square bases and plasticard. A lot of sculpting remains, both on top and where it connects with the torso.

The model is very front heavy, it lacks a suitable balance. I was contemplating a tail last time around. After putting it together like this I’m convinced that a tail is needed. Let’s dive into the bitsbox and see what we can find there.

Thoughts, ideas and critique are as always most welcome. Please let me know what you think.

23 thoughts on “WIP: Forgefiend Conversion, part 5

  1. Loving the work but wow that is quite a lot of forward weight for the rest to take. Just an idea to put forward: Give it two arms so it runs on all fours and mount the cannons on the back?
    Great stuff so far.

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  2. Looking good mate. I would have to agree with Mr Priest’s idea though, on all fours and mounted cannons on the back, or another suggestion if I may, mount the cannons on the fore arms. Keep up the good work it’s going to look like one mean bugger ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the Chaos Lord as well.

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  3. That’s impressive. When you said Carnifex carapaces, I was trying to visualize it. It makes sense now, and great idea.

    Does he feel forward heavy? With the legs as they are, I would think it’s relatively balanced?

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    1. Thanks. One of the most fun and rewarding aspects of doing a conversion like this is looking at your bits and going: “Ok, this is what I’ve got, now do make it work?”

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      1. Agreed. It’s easy when you have your choice of bits, but when you’re limited, and find some awesome way to work with what you have, it’s great.

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  4. I am too in awe to give any type of feedback. I also don’t have the “pre primer vision”. Just fiddling with my flying deff dread is starting to give me some insight in how things work, but I’m not there yet!

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  5. Really starting to take shape now mate! Hmmm… tail or arms??? You know, I’m thinking tail at this point – would work nicely with the dinosaur-esque vibe I think

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      1. Well, all of these new GW dino-bots just isn’t enough grimdark for me. Curved armor plates and small elegant heads without horns is really not what i expected thinking about hellish demon engines from hell.
        Looks like Zordon is becoming new Chaos god in 40k for me.
        I think i can “save” the models with some conversion, but after seeing your work i’m not sure. Making a scratchbuilt version looks better than spending money for GW boxes…

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      1. Well good job so far. I might steal one of these ideas or two for my own forgefiend/warpuppy project.

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