Paint job: Skink Starpriest

In a galaxy (or realm actually) far far away there are lizardmen magicians dressed up in feathered garbs just waiting to get painted. And you know what, it was fun to paint! I’m not heading into Age of Sigmar any time soon but that range have some mighty cool models. (I might dip my toes in the Age but don’t tell anyone.)

My son wanted to go to our local Games Workshop store to check out the awesome models and stuff the other day, so we did that. He’s just shy of six years old and everything, and I mean everything, is awesome. I can’t even begin to fathom the levels of awesome he must experience in Games Workshop store. Lets hope the enthusiasm for the hobby sticks with him as he grows up.

Short story shorter, he really digs the Seraphon faction (it’s Lizardmen riding dinosaurs for crying out loud – awesome!). I picked up the Skink Starpriest to go with his small force. He got eight Cold One riders and I’ll get him the starter kit come his birthday. That present should generate many hours of fun together.

The Skink Starpriest is really nice and it was a hoot to paint. It was a welcome change from Tyranids and Chaos.

Behold, Ton-ka-ton, the Skink Starpriest





The colourscane out pretty good in this photo, even if the background is a bit all over place.
The colours came out pretty good in this photo, even if the background is a bit all over place.

Let me know what you think of it.

12 thoughts on “Paint job: Skink Starpriest

  1. Never liked dinosaurs in fantasy (dunno why – I love fantasy, I love dinosaurs, but never the twain shall meet for some reason). However the whole ‘Aztec lizards’ thing is just amazing (or should I say awesome?) and you’ve done a cracking job with him.

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    1. In theory I’m completely against dinosaurs in a fantasy setting but just look at the Old Blood on the big t-rex thing. Embrace that inner six-years-old and just enjoys the madness. And the Aztec theme … oh yeah!

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