Paint job: Thousand Sons Osiron Pattern Contemptor

A name. Flickering glimpses of light and places.

++Az’mekh Rhan++

The name is true. Lost yet remembered. It is a beacon in an ocean whirling darkness. The name commands. Reforging fragments of a lost life. Memories that lingers like haunting spectres. A dreamless sleep. Plains rolling under a burning sun. Cities of white and marvel. A stolen existence.


++Brother Az’mekh Rhan++

Echoing inside. The name. My name. The sorcerer pushing back the void. Reality returning. Damp, filtered. Crashing away and fading back in. Deathless servitude. Eternally bound.

“Yes, magister.” The sparking vox chamber is a stark contrast to the psychic commands from the sorcerer.

++It is time to awaken. The war on Fate itself continues.++

+++ +++ +++

Yes, it is done! The epic Thousand Sons Osiron Pattern Contemptor. It was an absolute joy painting this model. The details, the different textures and opportunities to try out new techniques. I tried to push myself here. I did some new things like painting the red gems with dark to light blending and white spotting.

Check out Brother Az’mekh Rhan of the XVth Legion.

The white dots on the red gems here are all painted. I think it looks pretty nifty.
Glowing eyes.
I watched C-Beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.
No animals was injured in the making of this base. Only pesky, mutant loving Space Wolves. Vengeance for Prospero!

Big thanks for all the feedback and pep during the WIP. It really helped me taking it one step further.

The War on Fate itself continues!

17 thoughts on “Paint job: Thousand Sons Osiron Pattern Contemptor

    1. Cheers! I tried the red on a whim and it came out great.

      Who doesn’t like a dead Space Wolves, crushed underneath the metallic feet of an automaton Dreadnought?


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