Painting the Osiron Contemptor – advice needed

In the last post before my hobby hiatus I showed of some WIP pictures of my Osiron Contemptor from Forge World. It is such a awesome model. For sure one of my personal favourites in my Thousand Sons army.

I got some paint on it but now I need some advice regarding how to paint a few pieces on the model.

First some WIP:

It is, as you can tell still very rough. But I’m getting there. Loads of washes, layers, highlights and detailing left to do. So what I’m thinking about is two things – the pauldrons and the C-Beam Cannons.

As you can tell, the pauldrons are not sculpted as smooth metal like most pauldrons and shoulder pads are but they have a rather odd texture. It’s almost like craved stone. So my question is – how do I paint this?

Should I paint it like (and chip it) like stone or like metal?

Should I pick out the runes with some glow or just shade them dark?

I got a couple of other ideas too:

A) Yellow and blue stripes, like the bands on the crest.

B) Dark stone like the Forge World model (see picture below)

C) Light stone or maybe even marble effect

D) Steel, simple cold steel with glowing runes

Over to the C-Beam Cannon, it fires a beam of anti-matter particles that causes a massed chain reaction resulting in an implosion. I believe it makes a swoosh sound when fired and uses sci-fi magicks to function. I have no idea how to paint it.

Does C-Beam Cannon heat up and should I paint heat stain marks on the tip and on the guards of the gun?

Since the gun is an ancient piece archeotech should I make it look like aged and oxidised?

Maybe it produces a plasma glow effect? Should it be red like what the Dreadnought’s engine will radiate or another colour?

Help me out, Obi-Won, you my only hope.

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