Gloomhaven: Mindthief

The RPG style dungeon crawler board game Gloomhave has been the bee’s knees doing the rounds in the greater community. I haven’t played a game yet but it looks fun and engaging. You get a character that you play, level up and after reaching some campaign goal finally abandon for a new one. The mechanic looks solid.

So while I haven’t played I have been assigned a character – the Vermling known as Mindthief. Looking at the art, he/she/it looks like a sorcerer of sorts. Looking at the rules – I have no clue. Hahaha. I’m a complete noob here.

Since the game is a game of minis I decided to paint my Mindthief. The model tiny, like half the size of a Space Marine. And the sculpt and cast is … a little bit lacking compared to kits from Games Workshop. But for a board game it’s good enough.

So without further ado, here’s my take on the Vermling Mindthief.

I wanted a very dark and gloomy feel. I might go back and do some touch up on the base but overall I’m rather pleased. I hope you lot like it too.

If you have any experience with Gloomhaven, please drop a comment.


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