A return to the hobby

Oh my, it been a while, hasn’t it? I think my last post was back in June or maybe early July. I remember having a great hobby flow; painting modelling and even gaming regularly. And then the Warp Storm known to us all as real life consumed me. And the hobby fell long and hard from the list of priorities.

As some of you might recall I moved like three years ago, leaving Gothenburg for Stockholm. We sold our house, relocated the kids and all that jazz. Quite the endeavour. The new (old) house we bought was in need of renovation (the total kind) so loads of time went into that. But quite early on we realised that Stockholm wasn’t for us. The stress of the capitol city just wasn’t for us and after a year and half or so we came to the conclusion that we would move back to Gothenburg. Which was the correct call. Only problem was that the renovation wasn’t done. Far from it.

Fast forward to last summer. Time was pressing, the final renovation projects needed to be wrapped up. Finishing all projects, selling the house, getting all documents in place, moving the last stuff … all this while having loads at work and going back and forth between Gothenburg and Stockholm every week. It was a strain. Hobby wasn’t really on the map at the time.

But now the Warp Storm is slowly subsiding. I picked up the hobby again, which feels great. I love working with my hands – which is part why we always happen to by old run down houses I guess. And while doing the fixer upper stuff is great, it’s not hobby in that sense.

I’ve been working on Spawn for my Thousand Sons. The gribbly, all-tentacles model that Games Workshop releases isn’t really my cup of tea. So instead of picking up a quite pricey kit that I don’t like I decided to dig deep into the bitzbox and see what I could come up with. I wanted the models to feel less out of control mutation and more uniform and like a unit.

This is what I came up with.

They are still very early WIP but the general direction is clear. I’ll green stuff fur (second picture) and maybe some ragged cloth on them too.

That’s all for now. Take care.

12 thoughts on “A return to the hobby

  1. Fantastic mate – good to have you back! I’ve missed your specific brand of crazy, but boy, are you back with a bang. I can’t wait to see these painted up – I’m hoping for some beautifully bright colours mate 😉

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  2. Good to see you back in action mate, and glad to hear things are settling down for you. Those spawn look great, very twisted and Tzeentchian – going to be amazing once they’re painted. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, mate! It’s been forever and it was surprisingly hard to sit down and write the post. I hope to get back in the groove now.

      I’m thinking about painting them in like twisted parrot style colours.

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  3. I love the conversions man. Your gap in hobbying May be the reason why I missed some. I’ve renovated two houses and even though it was quite fun it was a hell of a task. Renovations/conversions in 28mm hero scale is much easier hehe

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    1. Yeah, hell of a task is a good way of putting it. I’ve got two houses and three apartments under my belt so far. And an eternal summer house project too. It’ll never end. Hahaha.

      So how are you hang on down under with fires and everything?

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      1. Yeah, that sounds crazy.

        Some of the pictures I’ve seen from the fires or aftermath of the fires are like taken straight out of a post-apocalypse movie. It looks insane.

        Take care, mate!

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