Osiron Contemptor and Tzaangor tester

The never ending tide of Thousand Sons reinforcements continue with few more snapshots from stuff I’m working on. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a few ideas on how to take my Thousand Sons forward. I had already bought another Hellforged Contemptor. I’d picked up a Osiron Contemptor and two conversion beamers or C-Beam Cannons as they are called now. The Osiron is a Psyker Contemptor unique to the XVth Legion. In Horus Heresy that is, in 40k it has no rules at all. I’ll use it as a normal Hellforged Contemptor. It just looks amazing. I needed it.

The Osiron (and all Forge World Contemptors) is extremely poseable. You get separate feet, shins, legs, abdomen etc. and you can pose it anyway you like. I wanted to make use of this and really go the extra mile here. The 60 mm base also presents a good modelling opportunities.

Vengeance for Prospero! No Wolf Time for you, brother!

Another thing I touched on before was a Tzaangor conversion project I have in mind. If it pans out, I will be able to build ten or eleven Tzaangors at no cost at all. The Tzaangor kit provides you with a tonne of bits, basically everything you need but legs and back. But with a little bit of green stuff and and some converting I hope to work passed this.

Here’s a test model I built. Does it look the part? Please let me know what you think. I’ll do a proper WIP if/when I go forward with this project.

Keep on trucking!

15 thoughts on “Osiron Contemptor and Tzaangor tester

  1. ‘Does it look the part?’ Yes mate – most definitely!!! I think using all our skills to get essentially free and unique minis is about as good as this hobby gets dude – I salute you!

    Oh, and nice psi-dread too 😉

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  2. Look the dual conversion beamers, plus it is apparently a rather hard hitter against hordes. I am pondering one for my Iron Warriors.

    Tzaangor looks interesting, what is the base model?

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    1. Dual C-Beams are brutal and versatile. The additional auto hits alone are worth it. I’m looking forward to putting it to good use.

      I think it would fit Iron Warriors like hand in glove.

      I only used Tzaangor bits and green stuff for the Tzaangor. I’ll do a tutorial once I get cracking.


  3. Fantastic model, and a great pose. I’ve always felt intimidated by the posable nature of the model. You’ve done a great job and tempting me to get my own… perhaps with soulburner claws. Love the C beam idea too.

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    1. Cheers, mate! It was quite fiddly posing the Contemptor. I actually ended up with legs being too far apart from each other with the lower leg being to far down. I had to lift the foot off the ground and put some basing material underneath. But it was well worth the effort compared to the Betrayal at Calth one.

      I have saws instead of claws on that one. A little bit more expensive but the punch is incredible (s*2, ap-4 dam 4). After seeing Don Hooson trying out Soulburners I’m planning on try them out myself. The mortal wounds are incredible but man, you pay for it. Geez, 30 points a pop is not cheap.

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      1. Well I actually have been using dual Decimators with soulburners (twice as much shooty potential, but 60 points per Soulburner). I also use the Contemptor CC variant on top of that. It can be super destructive!

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      2. That’s an incredible amount of mortal wounds and destructive potential. I have never tried out the Decimator, is it any good? Looking at it on paper … I don’t know … it look inferior to Contemptor in every regard.


  4. Yeah, those dreadnoughts are just gorgeous, and I know you’ll do a fantastic job painting it. Great work on the Tzaangor too – any tricks like that which creates new models for free get two thumbs up from me 🙂

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  5. That’s a sweet looking Contemptor. I completely understand the need to own it. The Tzaangor definately looks the part – I can see the GS back, but how did you make the legs??

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