Recap time!

A few days have passed since the tournament last Saturday and the time has come to recapitulate the games. Like I mentioned in the last post (check it out for all the lists), we are trying to get a tournament thing going. But one of the things I learned was that, well, our community ain’t there.

It was meant to be three game event but after two games most people were completely beat and we basically called it. I and Erik played a third game but mostly to play each other. It is what it is.

I had a lot of thoughts and concerns regarding my list going into the event. I will take a look on the future of my list in another post. Now, on to the games and what I learned playing.

Game 1

Adeptus Mechanicus/Imperial Knights vs Thousand Sons

ITC mission 1

Hammer and Anvil

Engineers, Titan Slayer, Behind enemy lines

Oh great, Knights in the first game. Hammer and anvil too. Swell. He deployed his three big Knights on the line with the Helverins and Ad mech zoning out the backfield. I deployed conservative in two buildings, claiming two objectives. I held my Terminator Sorcerer, both Scarab Occult units and the Tzaangors in reserves.

He rushed forward blew up both my Rhinos and had the Valiant charge my cultists. They didn’t die so he was still in combat when my turn came. I shuffled a few units around. Slingshot my Contemptor using Warptime into 6″ of the Valiant. I then began to Smite the Knight. On average dice I would have done something like 12 mortal wounds, I did four. I then preceded to fail my 6″ charge with the Contemptor despite rerolling both dice. The rest of the guys did something underwhelming like six wounds on it.

Next turn his Knights continued to punish my army. I removed a bunch of stuff and he began to pull away in points. My second turn was better. I did a decent amount of mortal wounds in the psychic phase and brought the Valiant down a tier.

The third turn continued much like the last. His Knights did damage but not too much. His Valiant charged again later that turn. I survived with my important stuff and finished him off in my turn. It exploded in a massive hail of fire, consuming Ahriman in one go, wounding my Exalted Sorcerer, killing of a Rubric Marines squad and putting a dent on a Scarab Occult unit that I just brought in. It did something like 15-16 mortal wounds when it exploded. My army was gutted. At the same time I brought in the rest of the army and cleared out his backfield with the Scarab Occult while the Tzaangor failed their charged 8″ and were left in the open.

The forth turn saw him wipe a Rubric squad off an objective with his Thunder Gauntlet Knight and rush into the last units still hanging out in the building holding the objective. I managed to survive as my Exalted Sorcerer went into God mode passing three crucial 5++ Saves. I did a few wounds back and in my turn I got the essential +1 damage after blessing him with Boon of Mutation and with Diabolic Strength he began to swing Seer’s Bane doing 12 or so wounds. Six attacks hitting on 2+ rerolling ones, s12, ap-3, damage d3+1, +1 to wound with Veterans of the Long War. Not bad for a 120 points model. But the Knight survived with a handful wounds left. Damn it! It didn’t look too good but I had managed to claw myself into a lead.

I needed to play smart in order to edge this out. I didn’t. I made some mistakes, I should have fallen back with some guys, and tired to hide some other to get a few points more. But I didn’t and lost 28-21.

It was a rough match up and with the tight Hammer and anvil deployment I got pushed back fast and hard. I failed a few crucial charges even when I tried to minimise risk by having rerolls at hand. The game was a lot of fun and I think I have the tools to defeat Knights in the future. I think I did over 50 wounds on the big boys which pretty good.

+++ +++ +++

Game 2

Space Wolves vs Thousand Sons

ITC mission 2

Hammer and Anvil

Engineers, Old School, Marked for Death

Next game was against Leila and her Space Wolves. Grudge match! We would demand vengeance for Prospero. I actually want to go second. My army is built for that. In this game I went first.

The Wolves had deployed aggressively on the line so I moved up and removed the screening unit of Fenrisian Wolves in the Psychic phase. I used the Dark Matter Crystal to move the Warpflamer Rubrics deep into her backfield. The Space Wolves moved up, tried to kill stuff but only managed to put a big dent into a few units.

Second turn saw my focus on the flyer that had moved up, after spells, shooting and close combat it lived on a single wound. I killed something else. All my reserves still in reserves. The Wulfen outflanked in backfield but failed their 9″ charge. Poor mutants. My roadblock Rhino got wrecked and two units of Rubric Marines got destroyed by Blood Claws after I failed three 2+ Saves. Hahaha it happens.

My stuff dropped in. I Death Hexed the Wulfen and removed them after spells and shooting. My Tzaangor killed some Wolf riders and my Contemptor killed the Warlord. My cultists downed the flyer! The game was basically over at this time. We played another turn before we decided to talk the rest of the game through instead. I won 30-12.

It was a fun game but maybe not the most challenging. She was quite new to the game and didn’t know her army all that well. I tried to focus on playing clean, being helpful and not forgetting stuff. Hey, I even remembered Death to the False Emperor!

+++ +++ +++

Game 3

Chaos Daemons/Renegade Knights vs Thousand Sons

Hammer and Anvil

Engineers, Big Game Hunter, Kingslayer

Sigh, another match with Hammer and anvil. I had a hard time picking secondaries against his list and opted to take Kingslayer despite I could only get three points from it. I went first again. Damn it. I had deployed defensively, careful of not over exposing myself to his Knight and two Helverins. He had conga lined his Plaguebearers across the board and held the rest behind them.

First turn saw me move up and smite a bit. I threw the Warpflamer Rubrics up using Warptime to burn his Engineer Nurgling but fail to kill them all. He pushed up and charged me across the board. He took the lead but it wasn’t too bad. I just felt like a was on the wrong foot here.

I dropped in a squad of Scarab Occult in his backfield to take out his Nurgle caster. 20 shots later I had done one wound on him. They later died to the Knight. The other group reinforced my right flank and help put a big dent on his warlord. He continued to push forward and killed more stuff. His two units of Bloodletters came in and didn’t do much. But he continued to pull ahead in points.

In my third turn I dropped my Tzaangors in and began to clean out my backfield. On my flanks I almost killed a Daemon Prince and Helverin with Characters, they finished the job in his turn. And my Scarab Occult killed some more Plaguebearers. While Erik was still ahead in points I had began to claw myself back into the game.

Forth turn. I used Warptime to double move up the board with my Tzaangor. They managed to charge the Plaguebearers and brought them down to a handful. My Daemon Prince killed a unit of Bloodletters. He then died as the Knight caught him in his sights. It was another turn in which I caught up in points but it wasn’t enough. We timed out and called it. I felt I had a good position going forward but who knows how it could have ended. I lost with something like 13-18.

+++ +++ +++

I had a blast and I really want to play more games like this. Ok, maybe win more next time around. But the overall experience was very positive. My list needs a bit of reworking. The Rhinos didn’t really do anything at all. Two units of Scarab Occult is at least one unit too many.

That’s all for now.

Keep on keeping on!

12 thoughts on “Recap time!

    1. Loads of things! Sure the dice go cold at times but that’s just part of the game. But not falling back from combat to secure an objective for another turn is solely on you. Forgot that this, will remember it next time. I knew going into the event that Rhinos for example really struggle. They don’t have what it takes. But I wanted to try them out to get a feel of what they can and cannot do. Now, know much better and they will get cut from the list going forward.

      Loosing is good in a way, at least if you want to improve. Loosing is a much better learning experience than winning.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Of course I wanted to win more but in retrospect I think it was better to loose and get that incentive to improve. Omg, that sounded like something straight out of a cheesy self-help book. Hahaha!

      I will try a do a little showcase of the army. It is quite fancy I must admit.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Nice writing. To bad I lacked the endurance for the third game. It would have been a great final “nids vs thousands”. Fluff vs tournament list ^^ ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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