Paint job: Thousand Sons Rhino

Wait, what? Two posts in a single day? I’ve had some spare time and got my groove back. Painting have been fun lately and not just a chore. But finishing both the Contemptor and this Rhino on the same day, that’s just a fluke.

I really enjoyed painting this Rhino. It’s a bit rough on the edges, which is ok with the vehicles. Especially on this one.

The main thing about the Rhino is the Thousand Sons insignia on the top of it. I wanted to push myself here and decided to paint it completely freehand. Personally, I think it looks absolutely awesome. I’m very proud. The rest of the transport is a bit meh but I don’t think anyone will notice that.

Keep on keeping on!

13 thoughts on “Paint job: Thousand Sons Rhino

  1. Nice job dude – especially the freehand! I like that it looks a bit banged up too – I used to work on some venerable armour myself, and they are covered in dings and scrapes 😉


    1. Thanks! I really enjoyed painting the freehand, daunting as it was in the beginning. It really make the tank pop, looking at it arms length.

      I wish the Rhino had been in better shape but it’s ok for a second hand model.

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