Paint job: Thousand Sons Contemptor

Greetings, fellow adventurers! It has been a long journey but I have finally finished my Contemptor conversion. The project started back in September 2016 and fell out of favour a few months later. I resurrected the neglected model a couple of weeks ago and made some extensive reconversion work – taking the model from Khorne to the XVth Legion. It was quite the leap to take, loads of hours of work was discarded. But the gambit held true.

I’m happy with the result. It looks quite imposing. It was important to me to make it look and feel like a Thousand Sons Contemptor. All bits added make the conversion work. The paint job is rough, the Contemptor is more battle worn and weathered than the rest of the brotherhood. But it still ties in to the rest and feels like a part of the same army.

Here’s the pictures:

Here’s a final one, just for size.

I really hope you like it. Feel free to drop a comment below.

It will be fun to try it out in a game. It is not to expensive at 140 points and the damage output is incredible (if it makes it into close combat that is). It packs five S14, AP -4, damage 4 attacks, hitting on 2+. And being Thousand Sons means that it can be buffed by our Sorcerers – making it double move, hard to hit, increasing it Invulnerable Saves and more. Oh good times a-coming!

The War on Fate itself continues!

17 thoughts on “Paint job: Thousand Sons Contemptor

  1. That is rather kick-arse, isn’t it? The shields do a fantastic job of subtly changing up the shape of the shoulders to give them the Tzeentchian look. Make sure to drop me a link in the comments of Mechanismo May if you want him included once I get to the round-up in a few weeks….

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  2. Good work getting it across the finish line in the end, it came out well. I think you could do something with the green eyes to spruce them up a bit, just my opinion.

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  3. Wow, terrific work. I’ve really enjoyed the WIP posts on this beast too. I think that any concerns you might have had about it not being clearly part of the Thousand Sons can safely be laid to rest.

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    1. Thank buddy! It came out real good, didn’t it. I should have done a better job cleaning up some areas beforehand but I didn’t … oh well.


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