WIP: Thousand Sons Contemptor conversion, pt 2

Last post on the blog showed off my reimagining of an old Contemptor conversion. I took it from Khorne to the Thousand Sons. I had a few things left undone (an arm for example) and some stuff that didn’t sit right, like the sword. I’ve got some more work done on it.

As you can tell, I changed the horns next to the head. I found this piece in the bits box and it just feels more Thousand Sons than the old pieces. It boxes in the head better giving the Contemptor a better look.

Next big change is the chainfist. The old one felt off or tacked on as Alex put it. I completely agree. So I decided to try and replicate the actual Contemptor chainfist that Forge World produces.

Close enough for me so I’ll run with this one. Sure it is a lot less Thousand Sons but I feel that the model have more than enough bits to convey that anyway.

The second chainfist is from the Ironclad Dreadnought kit. I love this one. It is so brutal and no nonsense. I tagged on two bolters and did some sculpting on the joint. I might revisit that part with some cloth or scrolls to cover it up a bit and draw attention from the less than stellar work.

Time to get some paint on it.

18 thoughts on “WIP: Thousand Sons Contemptor conversion, pt 2

  1. Never got around to commenting on the first of these posts so I’ll say everything I was going to say here. Really like the way this project is going and much as I liked the Khornate version this one beats it hands down. Oddly enough I dug out my own, very battered Contemptor recently. I’d started turning it into a Chaos Contemptor and made a real hash of it but I was thinking of trying to restore it and turn it into a Thousand Sons version instead (rather than the heavily mutated monster I’d ended up with) and then out of the blue this appeared in my feed. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one (and probably doing a fair bit of ripping off at some stage as well!)

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    1. Never got around to do stuff that’s like my life right now. Loads at work, family and everything in between.

      I’ve managed to put in a few hours of hobby which felt great. Like a big escape.

      That’s really fun though, that you’re planing to do a TS Contemptor too. I bet it will be real cool like most your stuff.

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      1. Thank you! Well, it’s likely to be heavily inspired by yours so chances are it will be very cool indeed 😀
        Aye, I know exactly what you mean about hobby time being thin on the ground right now, going to try to sneak in a few hours tomorrow and it feels like going on holiday!

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