More reinforcements

It’s been a while, I’ve been busy and unfortunately not doing a ton of hobby stuff. I missed most of the stuff you have going on. I’ve just lacked the motivation to check out your blogs. I had a few games with my Thousand Sons in the escalation league. They have been great. The list works like a charm.

I got some reinforcements for the list as we escalate to 1000 points next month. Well, not sure I’ll use them right now but here they are.

I picked up a used Iron Warriors Rhino and another box of Tzaangors.

After a few hours of hobby work I ended up with this.

I decided to assemble the Tzaangors using only Great Weapons and Divining Spears. The first batch of ten had a blade in each hand. The different weapons will be a great way of differentiate the two squads (my plan is to push them to 20 models in each blob or … err flock?). In game they all use Tzaangor Blades.

Hopefully I’ll get some paint on them in the next week or two. Yeah, that would be great.

That’s it. Take care, mates!

11 thoughts on “More reinforcements

    1. The work/life balance is so off right now. About two years ago we moved to a new house, renovation projects and all the hassles of relocating the family to a new city. After about a year and a half we finally decided that, nope, this wasn’t for us and moved back again. New house again, the other project isn’t quite finished yet. Yeah, you get it. A bit stressed out at the moment and can’t focus on the hobby. But when I do it is quite the relief.

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    1. Cheers! Yeah, balance of everything thing is sometimes impossible. It’s hard to prioritise hobby over family or work.

      Tzaangors are beastmen of Tzeentch.


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