Paint job: Thousand Sons Sorcerer

It’s been a busy few weeks. Loads of work and other mundane commitments of all sorts. But I got a few hours worth of hobby since the last post and got some paint on this long forsaken model/conversion. Based on Kranon, the Crimson Slaughter Lord from the Dark Vengeance set from years passed, made a simple Sorcerer for my Thousand Sons. While I prefer the Exalted Sorcerer for his improved stats and reroll 1s aura I needed a Sorcerer for the escalation league. We’ve added another 250 points now.

I think the simple conversion works. While he lacks the more sophisticated lock and feel of a proper Thousand Sons model, he do have neat cape and that got to count for something. His background is reflected in the model, I see him as bastard son of the Thousand Sons. His armour is weighted down with arcane symbols and give him more feral look. I like that. It sets him apart from the rest. Either freely or unfreely inducted to the Brotherhood, he is not one of the true born but an outsider, Ahmost the Wretch Sorcerer. Something along that line.

I’ve got three games in so far and it has been a ton of fun and I got a tag team match coming up. Thousand Sons and Tyranids vs Asuryani and Genestealer Cults. Nevermind was the fluff reasons behind the fight, just wish me luck.

Oh, pictures too!

For XVth!

All is dust.

12 thoughts on “Paint job: Thousand Sons Sorcerer

  1. Nice one – tweaked like that old Kranon makes a very convincing sorcerer.

    Now then, you said not to think too much about the fluff reasons for the battle? Well it all sounds very straightforward to me! :-p Clearly the Thousand Sons attempted a ritual to enslave the Tyranids so they could use them as shock troops to overcome the Eldar. Unfortunately it didn’t go as planned, the Shadow In The Warp proving just a little too strong for Magnus’s sons to overcome. On the plus side it was partially successful, the Tyranids no longer regard the Thousand Sons as food allowing them to fight alongside one another. On the down side however the magical backlash from the ritual has broken the connection between the GSC and the Tyranids. The cultists are now in disarray, the Star Gods no longer whisper to them and so they’ve thrown in their lot with the Eldar who surely must be the angels from beyond that they were promised. Foolish xenos scum, can they not see that it is all occurring as Tzeentch planned? Good luck with the game! 😀

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