The Blades of Raskander

I’ve set a dead star ablaze and blotted out the sun of a thousand worlds to see the great doors of the Iron Halls opened to me. To hear the Iron Oracle speak. I have earned every fragment of truth by acts of unthinkable horror.

When he spoke it was like diving into the mouth of madness. The Iron Oracle unleashed a tide of ever shifting words and languages. Some ancient and long dead others of unspeakable origins. But still, each syllable spoken was an undeniable truth. More harrowing than anything I’ve ever heard. As he spoke I could feel the words starting to deconstruct the foundations of my soul. First in a flurry of light and purpose. I saw glimpses of possible futures and pasts intertwined and the strings of Fate laid before me. Then in darkness. Nothing but darkness.

Unless you’ve listened to the Iron Oracle speak all that is laid out before you here is null and void. You cannot fathom concept of truth before you have experienced it. It will consume you, devour your very essence and drag you down into the abyss as it did me.

But I refused the fate he had intended for me. The trap I had fallen into. I am Raskander, the Prophesied Son, and I command my own destiny. I clawed my way out of the darkness and reconstituted the bulwark of my soul. I began to puzzle the fragments of truth together, hoping to once more see the hidden path he showed me. And I will. The heavens will burn and the earth shatter, this world and any other will crumble if that will take me one step closer to the prophecy fulfilled. I will not be denied.

Lord Raskander

The Prophesied Son, Lord of the Scarab Occult

XVth Legion Thousand Sons, Brotherhood of the Neverchanging


Ok, the Narrative Campaign is go and I’m up for my first game later today. This is the foundation of my list, the first 500 points. Since it is an escalation league I’ll continue to build on this.

‘Nuff talk, here’s the Blades of Raskander.

All is dust!

16 thoughts on “The Blades of Raskander

    1. Cheers! Only 500 points and still impressive. Not bad!

      The game was quite dull, we took up positions and just hammered away at each other all game. I lost. I should have played a bit differently but that’s the lack game time in a nutshell.

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  1. Nice work! I love a good fluff intro … really helps set the tone and mood, particularly if you’re just starting out. Escalation league sounds like fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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