Paint job: Excrucia Wysp, Drukhari Reaver

There is a couple of rules that you need to follow when it comes to painting miniatures and toy soldiers.

1. Thin you paints. Seriously, you need to thin them.

2. When applying a wash, understand that you are now dealing with bottled magic and not paint.

3. In February you drop what you are doing and push a female model to the top of the queue. Just get it painted.

This is the law. Abide to it.

Alex from the Leadballoony blog introduced Fembruary last year and it is just great. I love it. And you should too. Fembruary is a hobby challenge in which you paint one or more female minis. Simple yet immensely important. Just do it!

Here is my entry this year – Excrucia Wysp of the Blood Viziers, Drukhari Reaver. Chicks on Combat Drugs, riding fast jet bikes slashing down enemies left and right. What’s not the like?

Vroom! Faster, faster, pussycat kill!

Ps. I got a neglected model done here.

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