WIP: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch

Ok, here’s the WIP post on the Daemon Prince of Tzeentch that I showed you yesterday. The official Daemon Prince model is a bit so and so. While some things and some details are rather good the over all feel of the model is poor. It feels sloppy, badly aged and … well, way too generic. So I’ve steered clear of the model, knowing that it is a top choice in the game. It is easily one of the best picks in the Thousand Sons Codex.

This year I have decided to try and play more games and push myself a bit regarding the competitiveness of my list building. With that decided in my head I just knew I had to get myself a Daemon Prince (or two). The official model had ruled itself out due to reasons stated above I started thinking on how to convert a Daemon Prince.

In the Thousand Sons community the go to model for Daemon Prince conversions is the Age of Sigmar Morghast Archai/Harbringer.

It comes in a box of two models, for a reasonable price too. There isn’t much to say about the model really. It has a somewhat awkward pose but you can probably fix it. The Death and Nagash iconography isn’t too obvious even though the model is very recognisable as a Age of Sigmar model. But it has a lot of quality, no doubt. Biggest problem for me? It has been done too many times. Hahaha, I’m such a hobby hipster.

Another Age of Sigmar model that caught my eye is the Avatar of Khaine from the Cauldron of Blood centrepiece kit for Daughters of Khaine. I really like the slender build and the walking pose. It has a lot of problems too, like the come-at-me-bro!-pose with the arms out. The bladed spiky bits. And the face/head/helmet. Much of the model is just too soaked in the Elf/Eldar aesthetics to work.

But I kept returning to the model. Drawn to the cool almost nonchalant walking stance. Combined with the very statuesque sculpt the model feels menacing. It knows it’s strengths and reach of its abilities and nothing on the battlefield will ever match it. It is superior. That is everything I want a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch to portray. The arrogance of daemonic might.

The problem with this model is that the kit is bloody expensive. But thankfully GW decided to put the kit in their big Daughters of Khaine army box for Christmas. This means that the independent kits inevitably end up on eBay at a discount. It did and I picked it up. Still not on the cheap but hey it is what it is.

Once I had the kit I started by putting all the pieces in front of my trying to figure out how to make it work. The spiky bits had to go. I had to reposition the arms and work on the head. I also had figure out a way to give it flight in some manner.

I spent a fair amount of time scurrying the GW webpage looking for suitable wings but I couldn’t find any (that wouldn’t ruin me). But I did see the Nagash model and thought, yeah that’ll work nicely.

The Daemon Prince could be carried across the battlefield by some sorcerous Warp charge. I had some Spirit Host models haunting the shelf after being abandoned years ago. I broke them up, turned the bits upside down, inside out and more and start to build up the Warp flames around the model using Green Stuff to fixate the pieces on the base. The model itself is pinned to the base, allowing me to remove it when I paint it. I’m thinking ahead here!

Next up was the arms and body. Cutting off the spiky bits was given and not really hard at all. Just cut and file and scrape. The repositioning of the arms wasn’t a big deal either. I just cut off the arms following the armour lines. Then I used Green Stuff to fixate the arms in their new position and let it cure. Once the arms had cured in place I broke them of again and re-glued them. The Green Stuff makes the fitting really snug but superglue makes the bond stronger.

The head required more work and effort. Taking cues from both the Gaunt Summoner and the Guillermo del Toro’s movie Pan’s Labyrinth I wanted the Prince to have no eyes (in the face at least). It was hard to sculpt the horn things with eyes but it is ok. Next detail I wanted to have was long flowing hair, you know, like Magnus. I combined the hair from the Avatar with the hair from one to the Daughters of Khaine from the kit.

On the body of the model I added icons, trinkets and flowing scrolls for a Tzeentchian feel. I had to sculpt a shoulder pad, as I only had one extra Scarab Occult one laying around. Both hands are fitted with long blades, Eldar Wraith blades actually, that’s the Malefic Talons. I also added a little bit Warp flames coming from the hands to illustrate his magical prowess.

I am very happy with the Prince and cannot wait to get painting.

I hope and think that the model will be instantaneously recognisable as a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch once painted up. I hope you agree.

Last two pictures, one for size (he’s absolutely massive) and one after priming.

The War on Fate itself continues.

16 thoughts on “WIP: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch

  1. That looks really really good! I wasn’t convinced by your idea at first seeing the stock model, but the mask and ghostly bits completely transform it, and once it’s painted it will be thoroughly Tzeenchian. Bravo!

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  2. This is outstanding, very much more Tzeentchian than the stock GW model. The Avatar is so iconic I wondered if you’d be able to disguise that but you’ve really come up with something that looks the part of a sorcerer ascended to princedom perfectly. You’re powering through painting him faster than I can keep up as well!

    Liked by 1 person

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