Another year in the Warp

Greetings fellow adventurers and space farers! Life’s harsh here on the Eastern Fringe, far from the guiding light of the Emperor. Our realm sits on the edge of the Imperium, it always has but now more so than ever. Beset by the enemy without, within and beyond. A perfect setting for mischief and high adventure. It’s New Years Eve and time has come to wrap up the year on the blog. I had a quite productive year come painting but not so much regarding gaming. I sincerely hope that I can play more 2019 but I’m not really holding my breath for it.

Let’s take a look at what I’ve painted this year.

Tyranids – Hive Fleet Baba Yaga

I decided to repaint my Tyranids this year and I painted quite a lot of models for the army.

That’s 2 Broodlords, 2 Venomthropes, 50 Genestealers, 3 Rippers, 3 Carnifexes and Old One Eye. I’ve got plenty more to come for 2019.

+++ +++

Thousand Sons – The Brotherhood of the Neverchanging

I rolled into 2018 at full steam, completing several units of Thousand Sons. I still regard these minis as some of my best ones.

Exalted Sorcerer, Terminator Sorcerer, 15 Rubric Marines, 5 Scarab Occult Terminators, Forgefiend and a Tzaangor Twistbray for Kill Team.

More to come? You bet.

Drukhari – Kill Team Poison Flower

I actually got some work done on my space elf pirates! Not much but hey, a start is a start!

Some Warriors and a few Wyches. And a Archon that now need a new gun.

Miscellaneous stuff

I painted some one off stuff and what not. Just check it out.

And last but not least, my favourite model of the year – Aramis in Skullstalker.

I painted a bunch more but they didn’t pass the finish line. I might have missed something too.

Take care and Happy New Year. See you all on the other side!

18 thoughts on “Another year in the Warp

  1. All so good mate – the Thousand Sons are the real stand-out project for me too mate, you really nailed them beautifully. My mind still can’t quite grasp how you managed to fit a pilot into that skull, but I bloody love it 🙂

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  2. What a cracking year you’ve had! Loads of good stuff there, although naturally the Thousand Sons win it for me. Love the Tzaangor shaman and is it just me or were you way ahead of the game in coming up with a model to match the new Genestealer Cult tactician? 🙂


  3. It’s funny, I was literally just clipping out my promethium forge and looking at the skull hoist thing… And thinking, man… That little walker was so cool… Who did it again… And I guessed it might have been you but I could only remember your avatar! It’s all come back to me now. A really fantastic year man.

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      1. I think it’s really cool, I think the awkward, clostrophobic way he is crammed into it makes it even better and grim dark, thinking about how to afford any level of safety he l must get cramps, sweating in that small oily space.

        That’s not to detract from the rest of your mini’s. As a keen Tyranid player/collector I enjoy all those posts… And your scenery… Well all of your posts really 😂

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      2. I like it for the same reasons, it makes the far future grim dark in a very lowdown and believable way. You don’t want to live in that future.


  4. A great post, I do like the colour scheme on the Tyranids, I was thinking of green for mine. I haven’t got as many as most of mine are ancient or came out of the lost patrol game. As it is set on a Jungle world I thought Green’s and bone would be suitable. To be honest I am not into Chaos at all in 40k but I really do like your Thousand sons force. In particular the sorcerer is really effective. I think the Skull thing is really great, I thought it was a standard size skull until I saw the guy in the back. Awesome work. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Cheers mate!

      About half of my Genestealers are from first edition Space Hulk, so nearly 30 years old now. The rest is newer. The all-green look very effective on the table top and either yellow or bone would compliment it greatly.

      Thousand Sons aren’t really Chaos, not for me at least. I like the whole war on Fate itself that Ahriman got going. They fight not to serve Tzeentch but to be free of all strings and control their own destiny. That’s what appeals most to me.

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      1. Thousand Sons are complex compared to say World Eaters; Ahriman fights to be free while Magnus has accepted his role in the great schemes of Tzeentch. They got a very interesting backstory and lore. And cool minis too.

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  5. A nice selection of green gribblies there – and 50 Genestealers in there as well is especially impressive. I hate painting those! Not to mention all those Thousand Sons, and the Dark Eldar and then all the cool random things on top of that. Aramis is still probably my favourite of the lot, though. next month is Neglected models – hopefully that can help a few of those others from 2018 cross the finish line! 🙂

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