Paint job: Thousand Sons Forgefiend Conversion

Regular visitor to the blog might recognise this conversion. I began this project back in May 2016 and gave it a good run for a few months until I had to put it away for awhile. It was tucked away for just shy of a year. I made another push and almost finished it last fall. I just had a few last things left to do. They are now done and I can finally say: It’s done!

Now the Forgefiend leaves a lot to be desired game wise. It doesn’t suck but it need help to make it. A degrading BS 4+ on a gun platform is just poor game design, especially since it can’t move without getting -1 to hit. I got my fingers crossed for a points cut in Chapter Approved.

Some poorly taken pictures. I hope you like the beast, I surely do.

As you can tell from the pictures, one of the nostril things have broken off. I don’t know how to salvage the damage so I might as well just leave it as it is. My Thousand Sons Forgefiend Conversion is also my hobby challenge entry for November (keep ’em coming Azazel!).

If you like it, please let me know.

23 thoughts on “Paint job: Thousand Sons Forgefiend Conversion

  1. That’s ace! I really like the original model (a divisive opinion I know) but this is much more in keeping with the twisted weirdness of Tzeentch and the world in which the Thousand Sons have found themselves operating by the 41st Millennium.

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    1. Cheers! I like the original model too. It’s a great kit that will give you plenty of mileage. I made two Maulerfiends and now this Forgefiend from a single kit (and some bits).

      Glad you like it, mate!

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  2. Ohh man this is awesome! Really like what you’ve done with it. So cool. The pic was loading really slow on my phone and it was like a really dramatic reveal!

    If there was ever encouragement needed for me to make one, this is it

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    1. Cheers! You got the C64 treatment. Picture revealed pixel by pixel.

      It has been a long journey, no doubt, making the legs and carapace took forever to make. And getting everything together … it wasn’t entirely enjoyable. But hey, it’s done, it looks cracking so all those things fade rather quickly.

      Here hoping for a massive points drop in Chapter Approved.


  3. Fantastic work! I can absolutely sympathize with how long it took; my own trio of MaulerFiends took me something like two and a half years from concept to actually painted. Totally worth it for a result as awesome as you got here, tho!

    I like how even the scratchbuilt parts have a vibe that ties in to other 40K stuff, whether it was intentional or not. Stuff like the carapace (and actually the feet too, a little) being somewhat reminiscent of a Decimator, or the overall pose feeling a bit like that of a Warhound Titan. Even tho you can theoretically got anywhere with Chaos stuff, it helps it work better visually if there’s some sort of connecting theme running through it all, and you nailed that here.

    I’ve got your Maulerfiend post open in another tab, and I’m planning on going back through all the WiP posts on that one now as well. Hopefully I’ll have a chance for another project at some point in the future where I can borrow some ideas from these.

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    1. Cheers! I’m glad you like the conversion. I got a bit burnt out during the building of this model and I just had to shelf it for awhile. It took me a year to resurrect it again. I have no regrets here. It was the right call. But leaving it one lousy paint session away from being done for a year. Gah, that’s just me being lazy.

      The design is very much intentional, drawing heavily on the Warhound. I didn’t think of the Decimator at the time but the connection is there. When you do a conversion like this, I find it important to make stuff instantaneously recognisable, to feel 40k. Drawing on known design concepts helps.

      The Maulerfiend is kind of awesome too, innit?


      1. Mine also had some big chunks of time where they were just set aside for months, until I’d find the right bits or get the inspiration for the next thing that needed doing. Didn’t really come together until I committed to taking them to an event, tho, and it was still really sketchy up until maybe the last 10% of the painting or so, when I finally got to the horns/spikes/teeth, which for some reason just pulled them all together.

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