The Poisoned Flower

Daisan Flickerblade sat at the edge of the ruined building following the ebb and flow of the combat on the streets below her. She smiled at the monkeys fighting each other. Their clumsy moves and crude actions. How they’d survived for this long was a mystery onto itself. Blood had started to flow on the streets, slowly filling up the gutters while screams of agony and pain complemented the sounds of uncontrolled violence. The air was ripe with fear. It was invigorating.

She moved unseen across the ruins, her sisters following close behind. They flowed like water in silent grace. Each step took them closer to fighting. Soon they would revel in the slaughter, filling their jaded senses with true feelings yet again. For nothing else but to feel alive. They were Drukhari, true kin of the Poisoned Flower.

The little monkeys kept on fight, consumed by their mortality. It was amusing. They might had thought that the battleground was their city, that what they fought for was their homes or some strategic gain determined by officers far away. They couldn’t be more wrong. This wasn’t a city, it wasn’t even a battleground.

This was the arena. And their suffering were the only spoils of worth in this game.

– Oh, suffer little monkey, Daisan laughed as she threw herself into the fray. Suffer and then die.

+++ +++ +++

I’m going away for our annual beer-and-pretzels gaming weekender a little later today. This year we’ll primarily play Kill Team. While I think Kill Team is cool and all I’m not really bitten by the format. Warhammer 40,000 can consume hours upon hours of my time. I love to fiddle with lists and plan different strategies for my armies (and armies I don’t have … yet!). With Kill Team it’s pretty blank. What is good? Which combos work? I don’t know. And you know what, I don’t really care.

So with the weekender coming up I couldn’t really decide what to play. Maybe some Thousand Sons. They are rock hard and pretty dangerous too. Tyranids are fast and choppy. That’s my preferred play style. But I finally decided to bring some Drukhari. It would give me a reason to paint some up. They have been sitting on the shelf for way too long.

Drukhari are a glass cannon in KT just as much as they are in 40k. Very agile and very fragile. It’ll be fun to play a more finesse style army/warband. I don’t know how things will go (or how to play this warband, but don’t tell anyone). This is out of my comfort zone. My general plan is to lay down suppressing fire with my Kabalites, pull some shenanigans with the tactics while the Wyches move in for the kill. Throw dice, drink beer, eat pretzels.

What can possibly go wrong?

Here’s a few pictures of the Poisoned Flower.

10 thoughts on “The Poisoned Flower

  1. Congrats on the victory mate – and the colour scheme you’ve got going on these Dark Eldar perfectly illustrates why I haven’t been able to start on my own models – analysis paralysis! So many schemes that look bloody awesome!

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