Paint job: The Vesker Brothers, Skulljackers

Fellow adventurers, opportunists of great void and denizens of the Chapel. Here’s my last minute entry in Mark’s conversion/paint challenge – build your own Skulljacker. Mark and Alex, two good blogging buddies of mine, developed this mini game called Stylites. The game is set in the dark depths of the Chapel, Mark’s own piece of Warhammer 40,000 lore.

The game centres around competing Skulljackers, rogues and treasure seekers, that are charged with the task of retrieving Servo-Skulls lost in the dark. To do this they need to fight both penitents other Skulljackers. It quite cool check it out.

The Vesker Brothers, Skulljackers

The Vesker Brothers arrived at the Chapel together with Rogue Trader Barabbas Jones, as part of his crew. While most of the crew were into the heavy combat and fighting that awaited them in the darkness. That thing had never really been for Jens and Nils; see, they ran the Scurvy Tracker. They made the old warp jumper tick. Live by the wrench not the chainsword, they often joked. So when Jones and the rest of the crew ventured into the deep, dark undergrowth of the Chapel in search of untold treasures and spoils; the Vesker Brothers sought a different path, taking up the trade of skulljacking. And they became damn good at it too.

Jens Vesker

Nils Vesker

Keep on keeping on!

10 thoughts on “Paint job: The Vesker Brothers, Skulljackers

    1. Cheers! These guys are more high adventure than grim dark even though I tried to add some gritty elements. I like the concept of Rogue Traders bring this air of flamboyance to the grim darkness of the far future.

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    1. Cheers! Nils is my favourite too. The model came together really well. Jens head is from a Kharadron Overlord kit, the one with where you have lead balloons strapped to the back of dwarves. Can’t remember the name. It’s in the start collecting box.

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