Old One Eye and the Distractions

Stop the presses! I got a little something for all of you, my fellow adventurers. A couple of days ago I showed off my take on Old One Eye. Well, you cannot send the Alpha Leader off to war without his band. Enter the Distractions.

I’ll do some proper Paint job post on each of the Carnifexes but until then here’s a moody family photograph.

And like that I quadrupled my DreadTober tally and I can also finished my Unit-ed entry for Azazel’s paint challenge. Not too shabby!

13 thoughts on “Old One Eye and the Distractions

    1. I kept these under wraps, but working on them parallel with OOE. Thought it be a fun surprise, once done. The paint scheme is very simple and straightforward so it’s fun to paint them. I can get a lot of stuff done in no time at all.

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    1. Sneaky big bugs, who would have guessed, eh? The only thing on my mind right now is – maybe get two more? Another dakkafex would be great, wouldn’t it? Such an awesome model after all. Damn it, out of my head, Daemon!

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