Unboxing: Kill Zone Death World Forest

The Kill Zone terrain boxes from Games Workshop released for Kill Team are great bundles. A battlefield in a box, saving you some money. I knew straight away that I would pick up a box. At first I contemplated the docklands themed box with six containers, a couple servo haulers and loads of scatter terrain pieces. I more or less had my hands on the box when Games Workshop dropped the Death World Kill Zone.

As some of you might remember I painted up a box of Shardwrack Spines awhile ago and vowed to build a full Death World themed board. I picked up some more terrain but never enough to realise the plans. So this bundle box was just what my wallet ordered. Let’s check out what’s in the box.

Big, fat box, the same size as the Promethium Refinery kit but lower quality. Where the Promethium box was great for storage, this is straight up only for containing the stuff inside. No biggie really. The box is jam packed with stuff.

It includes all one of each of the available Death World kits with teo extra Grapple Weed pieces thrown in as a bonus. It’s a lot of terrain. Two pieces of Aeldari rune structures, three pieces of Barbed Venomgrose and five pieces of Shardwrack Spines. Enough to fill a sizeable chunk of the table top. The terrain is the China made stuff of somewhat questionable quality. It is miles away from the top notch quality of the UK made minis.

The kit also includes some Kill Team specific stuff. You get a little lore booklet, some Tactics cards and a few missions, both narrative and matched play ones. This added value is great. Rules wise, Kill Team missions in the deep jungle will be insane. Very thing can and will try to kill you. Your enemy is probably the least dangerous thing on the board. It’ll be awesome playing game in this Kill Zone.

Speaking of added value, the box include a double sided cardboard gaming board. It is extremely detailed, it looks like the guys and gals over in Nottingham modelled up a board and took a Hi-Res photo of it. Very cool. Very detailed. I’m looking forward to game on it. The board is almost a quarter of a full gaming mat.

It Kill Zone is an amazing buy. If you are looking at building terrain, just pick up Kill Zone box or two. You will not be disappointed.

10 thoughts on “Unboxing: Kill Zone Death World Forest

    1. They included some tactics to make your less susceptible to the effects of the lethal terrain. Like sticking close to you scout specialist or following the veteran’s path. Pretty cool.

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    1. The Docklands got so much utility. Next on my list for sure. I just need to paint this kit first. And the ruins I got too. And the additional barbed venomgrose sitting on the table. Not to mention the rest of the Promethium Refinery …

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