Battle Report: A fistful of Teeth

The rain battered down hard on the makeshift barracks in the mining district. In a corner laid the company Astropath beating his head against the floor. “Black Sun. Black Sun.” he kept repeating. He had done so for the last fourteen hours. His face was in a pulp, blood, gore and vomit covered his clothes. They should have put him down but with the Commissar gone no one had taken it upon himself to execute the poor bastard. And in the light on things, no one really cared.

The tank ace Tavarin let his tongue run across his row of teeth, counting the gaps. Seven. He cursed the deal the techpriest had brokered but at the same time couldn’t help feeling relief. Seven teeth to fulfil their oaths to the Emperor; this was the price they had to pay. The Techpriest walked up next to the tank ace, sensing his conflict.

“Remember that the flesh is weak. Clinging to weakness is the first step to heresy. Such is the teachings of the Omnissiah.”

Tavarin looked back at the Techpriest, he was far removed from an semblance of humanity. More machine than anything else. “And what does the Omnissiah teach regarding dealing with the Xeno?” He didn’t wait for an answer. He gestured to his tank crew, carrying the ammo crates, to set them down and open them up. The ammo crates were filled to the brim with teeth. Seven teeth from each living soul holding the mining district.

The humongous Ork Warboss just laughed: “Kay, ummie, we’z gonna fight fo’ ya. Black Toothz Freebootaz gonna crush da rusty and smash da squishy!”


The team tournament two weeks ago was fun. We only had the opportunity to play two games, on Saturday we was lacking a team so we opted out and on Sunday, well, it was the World Cup finals so … The first game wasn’t much to talk about. We faced a Marine/Marine team that wasn’t very optimal. We steamrolled them with our Necronids. But they fielded some awesome Rogue Trader models including a vintage Dreadnought. The game on Sunday had everything the first game lacked – nerve, intensity and suspense. Our opponents, who had gone undefeated day one, had a pretty optimal Orks and Astra Militarum list. It was something like this (from memory):

Engineseer, Pask in Punisher, 2 Lemon Russes, Hellhound, 10+5+5 tooled up Scions, Painboy, Weirdboy, Big Mek, Gorkanaut, 2*30 Boyz, 11 Boyz

Necronids: Overlord, Cryptek, Deceiver, 2*18 Warriors, 9 Immortals, 2*Broodlords, 3 Venomthropes, 3 Rippers, 2*19 Genestealers, 8 Genestealers.

Wow! That’s over 200 models on the table.

We played ITC mission 4. There was a big quirk in the tournament format in that we played four player turns per battle turn. Each team had a player A and a player B (randomly determined), and the turn sequence was player A do his turn then opponent A does his after that player B do his and finally opponent B does his turn. It was a fun change but time consuming.

We rolled up Spearhead deployment and we finished deploying first but didn’t get first turn. Yikes! Our army really want the Necrons to go first and deliver the alpha strike. We went second and Necrons were our player B. Double yikes! This meant that we would face several turns of hard long range fire from the Astra Militarum while the Orks pushed forward into our lines. We were in for quite a challenge.


The Tyranid vanguard had harassed the Imperial forces on the planet for weeks before the Black Sun Solstice occurred. The Genestealers had infiltrated much of the populated areas such as the mining district and launched constant attacks and ambushes. The nose slowly tighten. Morale fell. And this was before the Necrons appeared.

With the first pulse of the Black Sun the Tomb World hidden deep beneath the eons of dust was awakened. The pyramidal structures of the Tomb World rose from the ground and within them legions of warriors sprung back to life after millions of years of sleep. The newly awoken Overlord tried to assess the war between the Imperium and the Tyranids. While his warriors marched with him, most of his might was still dormant. This left him in a precarious situation, his world was vulnerable. They had been drawn back to life all too soon.

The Overlord ordered his warrior automatons to assist the Tyranids as they stormed the Astra Militarum garrison in the mining district. Should the Imperium break here the Tyranids would be able to advance towards the Hive and he would have his precious time. In his countless iterations of the battle to come he had not foreseen the Orks fighting alongside the Imperium …


Turn 1

After some pre-battle shenanigans from the Necrons, where they used the power of the C’Tan Deceiver to move the Warriors and Cryptek up the pitch claiming the three objectives on the mid-line, it was time to get the party started. The Orks went first moving forward with everything. After a few potshots from the boys the big Gorkanaut charged the Warriors doing quite a lot of damage.

I reacted and moved up my two big blocks of Stealers, I rolled good Advance rolls due to being Kraken and was in position to charge both the Gorkanaut and one of the units of Boys. I got the Horror off on the Gorkanaut and Catalyst on the Stealers charging it. But I forgot about Catalyst later in the turn, which was really dumb. I charged in with everything. I did make a huge mistake when positioning the unit charging the Boys. I didn’t maintain coherency, as I wanted to keep one hanging close to one of the Broodlords. For some reason I remembered the rule wrong thinking that you only needed to maintain coherency in the movement phase. Thankfully the error didn’t effect the game.

I started by activating the charge on the Gorkanaut, knocking it down a tier. The Boys intercepted and attacked my Stealers killing almost half of them. I tore down about the same number of Orks. A bad trade counting the points. But my mistake was eliminated at least. The Gorkanaut killed a few Genestealers but was mostly ineffective due to Horror and being damaged. I wrapped up the Fight phase by activating my Genestealers again and wrecked the Gorkanaut.

Now, here comes the pain. The Astra Militarum rolled up its tanks and began to fire away. Making twelve plus eleven Battlecannon shots and awesome stuff like that. But for all that lead flying across the battlefield he only managed to wipe my Stealers that destroyed the Gorkanaut and was left stranded. This is where I forgot about having Catalyst on them, oh well … The Necron unit that had taking Pask firing 40 shots, hitting 37 times, still stood there ground. One robot was saved using two Command Points.

The Necron turn saw mediocre resurrection rolls and mostly ineffective shooting. The Overlord used Veil of Darkness and took his Immortals up the pitch to reinforce our hold of the objectives. One thing you need to remember is target priority and scoring. The Ork Big Mek was exposed and gunned down by the Necrons. Why? He wasn’t a threat but by taking him out we scored an additional point by killing more units.

First round was over, the score:

AM/Orks 3 (Objective, Kill, First Kill/Old school)

Necronids 6 (Objective, More objectives, Kill, More Kills, Recon, First Kill/Old school)

Turn 2

The Orks continued to move forward and charged the Warroirs. The Weirdboy got Smite off sending mindbullets into my Genestealers killing six of them while taking a wound back to Perils. Close combat was brutal against my poor Genestealers, I only had one poor sucker left from my two big blocks the Ork turn.

I was running low on models but I still had scoring capability. I slingshot a Broodlord up the pitch using my last Command Point on Opportunistic Advance. The 20″ move positioned him for a charge on the Weirdboy. But I rolled snake eyes on the charge roll. So there he stood. The other Broodlord charged the Boys killing five. He’s a grinder, no doubt. The Power Klaw put a lot of wounds back but this time I didn’t forget about Catalyst and saved a few. My lone survivor fled back to hide from shooting while my 8-man unit of Genestealers positioned for the coming Scions deep strike.

The guard shot my Broodlord who had failed the charge dead and then the Leman Russes killed the Crypek. The Hellhound burned a some Immortals but they were rolling hot on their saves. The Scions dropped down in our backfield but failed to kill anything substantial. My Venomthropes did wonders shrouding my backfield.

The Deceiver shuffled around dealing Mortal Wounds while e Warriors and Overlord killed a few Boys in hand to hand. The Inmortals had another decent round of shooting. A few Immortals stood back up and lit up the Boys that had killed my Genestealers. Almost killing the unit, the last ones fled in the Morale phase. The Orks only had a single CP left but couldn’t save the unit with the reroll. With both my Broodlord and the surviving Boys in the same combat we had to roll of to see who would go first. The Boys still had their Power Klaw alive. We rolled off, I won and the Broodlord went to town killing the remaining Boys. We managed to max out the Reaper in this round!

We were still in the fight but it was looking very thin indeed.

End of turn 2:

AM/Orks 5 (Objetive, Kill, Kill More, 2 Head Hunter) – Total score 8

Necronids 7 (Objective, Kill, Recon, 4 Reaper) – Total score 13

Turn 3

The smaller unit of Boys that had started in the back tried to make Da Jump but the Weirdboy couldn’t harness the Warp the remained stranded in the backfield after failing their charge too.

With very few models left I tried to charge one of the Scions squads with my Venomthropes but I lost one to overwatch and the last one only killed one. Not enough to force morale and not enough to kill them all and get a Consolidate move out of harms way. My Broodlord who had consolidated into the carelessly positioned Hell Hound put a few wounds on it.

The Astra Militarum shot stuff. Those tanks had been putting the hurt on us all game and this round was no different. They killed my lone Venomthrope, both units of Warriors and the Immortals. But they couldn’t kill any of our Characters. The Hell Hound went up claiming an Objective while a group of Scions did the same. They now controlled three and we only had one.

The Necron force was reduced to the Overlord and the Deceiver. The Overlord contested the Objective held by the Hellhound and the Deceiver claimed the one in the middle and dealt a few Mortal Wounds but didn’t amount to anything. We managed to steal the objectives back and thus denying a VP.

The game ends due to us running out of time. The score:

AM/Orks 5 (Objective, Kill, Kill More, Last Kill/Old School, Linebreaker/Old school) – Total score 13

Necronids 1 (Objective) – Total score 14


We won! I might remember stuff wrongly, we tallied up the score to 17-15 when we played but I just can’t remember how we scored those extra points anymore. Anyway, it was an awesome game. Nail biter. It had it all. It was really a great game against two good players. I had this feeling that we had racked up a substantial led in the two first rounds but I also knew that it would be close. The Astra Militarum fire power was just gruelling. In the end the Ork had maybe twelve models left, I had seven, the Necrons two and the Astra Militarum had lost maybe five or six. His 1000 points was basically intact after the game.

But you win on points, not on model count.


“Fall back!”

The order from Tavarin echoed through the comms. “Scions, apply Kill Team doctrina. I’ll see you all back at the base.”

The armoured units carefully retreated while their weapon systems continued to roar. The enemy may have won the battle but they were shattered now. And the Orks had taken the force of the blow, shielding the Astra Militarum. “They had fought well”, Tavarin thought “…and died even better.” He ran his tongue over the gaps in his mouth and couldn’t help but smile. A fistful of teeth. That had been the price to live to fight another day.


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