WIP: Thermic Plasma Regulators

I’ve started working on a bit of terrain, trying out the paint scheme for my Promethium Refinery. I think I mentioned before that I wanted to painted yellow. Anyway I did and it took me a good three four coats to get a solid yellow on the panels. You can see the big Refinery tank in the back of the picture below but the this post is mostly about the Thermic Plasma Regulators. The kit is really great, it’s pretty cheap and it gives you a two cool industrial terrain pieces. The size is decent too.

The kit is easy to put together and the fit is good too. They are unglued in this picture.

One of the best things about the kit is the fact that you actually get two unique sprues. You might think that both Regulators are identical but that’s simply just not the case. You can mix and match the pieces and create several different versions. This alone makes the notion of picking up another box an attractive prospect.

I’ve decide to keep the platforms off at the moment. I might paint them later and add them to Regulators or I might keep them off permanently. The platforms are designed to fit the other platforms in the Sector Mechanicus range.

Here’s two snaps of my work in progress:

The one to the left has been shaded on the yellow and as you can tell it makes a world of difference. Loads of work left to do but it’s a fun project.

Keep the fire burning!

14 thoughts on “WIP: Thermic Plasma Regulators

    1. Averland Sunset is good, it has a good opacity. If you paint smaller stuff it functions like any other colour but when paint larger areas it becomes hard to get that smooth and even colour.

      The Sector Mechanicus stuff is awesome. Well worth the buy.

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  1. Those are looking good 🙂 I’m saving up for a bit of terrain myself, think you’ve inspired me to work in a bit of industrial yellow myself otherwise knowing me it’ll end up with models in rusty metal armour lurking on rusty metal terrain and I’ll never be able to find anything!

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  2. Scenery is so underrated. These look great, I actually have two Ad Mech shrines and a custom Ad Mech building waiting to be put together and/or painted. I will definitely have to get them to skip the que at some point. very cool stuff Thomas


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