Paint job: Ripper Swarms

The Chestbuster in Alien is, without a doubt, one of the scariest space monsters ever. It is just disturbing. It grows inside you and claws its way through your flesh in its own becoming. Essentially devouring you to live. Yes, I get it, it has something to do with pregnancy. It’s not very subtle. Disturbing nonetheless. Another scary concept is packs of rats. Not necessarily space rats or mutant killer rats, the common earth rat will do. The thought of being overrun by an endless sea of rats …. yeah, I think you get the picture.

In Warhammer 40,000 nothing combines the two quite like the Tyranid Ripper Swarms. In-game they are a decent troop choice. Cheap as chips, somewhat durable and small enough to stay out of sight. A funny thing about them (and other Swarm units) is the fact that they aren’t Infantry. So they can lock big stuff like Imperial Knights in close combat.

A few additional shots of the less moody type.

Until next, nom nom nom


12 thoughts on “Paint job: Ripper Swarms

  1. I love the paint scheme. Gives the feeling of a splinter fleet envolving to fight on a swamp or djungel world.
    Rumor has it that sometimes ripperswarms and genestealers fight side by side with necrons. Both driven, not by emoition, but the pure instinct/programming to devour worlds.
    Looking forward to the pairing tournament in July ^^

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    1. Necronids! The team tournament will be so much fun. With the army all but done (still missing that last Venomthrope) I’ll try and get some lore done for the tournament.

      Can the Imperium maintain the momentum of the Armageddon Crusade in the aftermath of the Ghast Solstice?

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