Hive Fleet Baba Yaga testers

I got like a gazillion Tyranid models half painted and unfinished. I started painting them like Hive Fleet Leviathan but I gave up. Each model just required too much effort and I lost interest in painting them like that. With a tag team tournament coming up in July, I got a reason to pick up the brush again. But I will not paint them as Leviathan, instead I’ll do my own Hive Fleet – Hive Fleet Baba Yaga – the scourge of Eastern Fringe.

Here’s a few test models.

I’ll do a bit more on the yellow bits but this is the general idea. The bases will get done too. Don’t expect any Golden Daemon level models here. Quick and dirty.

Nom nom nom

6 thoughts on “Hive Fleet Baba Yaga testers

  1. Looking good dude, and yeah, what Thor said – ‘nids are great for cranking out quick… just as well really if you’re going full swarm mode! 🙂

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