The Promethium Refinery

What’s the point of having decently painted minis if you have them fighting over a couple of books and beer cans on the kitchen table? Having wargaming terrain is just as important as having … well, minis. I mean you could play the game with tokens and markers instead of models. I have a decent amount of ruins but having to fighting over ruins over and over again. Well that’s a bit dull, isn’t it?

As some of you might remember I painted up some Shardwrack Spines awhile back and dreamt of building a full Death World table. That dream is still very much alive but I decided to add some narrative to the Death World coming. I mean, why go to a Death World unless there is something there. Something worth fight to gain control over. Ok, it’s not super hard to conjure up a plausible narrative in Warhammer. A Hive Fleet splinter make planet fall on the Death World; eradicate them before they gain strength and threaten the populated planets in the system. Or, Ork Freebooterz raid a nearby Imperial spaceship and force the Emissary to flee to Death in an escape pod. Search and rescue time.

All cool but I want the table to tell a story. I got this vision of a massive industrial structure deep within the deadly jungle. I think it will look awesome and really tell a story too. With all that cool Sector Mechanicus terrain released, it shouldn’t be to hard to recreate. After looking at the kits for awhile, I decided to go big.

Enter the Promethium Refinery.

This is the big box. It has eight sprues while the other kits have two or four. It costed a bunch but hey, I bought it. The damage is done. Let’s look at some pictures of what’s in the box. But before that, check out the size of the box. It is huge!

One of each of these …

… and two duplicates of these.

That’s a lot of plastic. Just check out all those walkways. I’m looking forward to get cracking. The kit is extremely crisp and the details are amazing. It is very flexible too, allowing multiple builds. And maybe because of that, I haven’t decided on how to build it yet (or paint it).

Suggestions are welcome.

31 thoughts on “The Promethium Refinery

  1. I’d love to share some ideas with you, but I’m still in the process of cleaning up some of this stuff myself, so I’m *also* looking for inspiration & ideas… 🙂

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  2. Man, that is a formidable pile of gorgeousness! I think I’d probably start with an images search of refineries, industrial complexes and oil rigs… but yeah, daunting stuff :-/

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    1. Research things … that’s sound advice but I was more looking for suggestions like: you should paint it red, check out the tutorial over here. 😂😂😂

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  3. I like where you are going with the table idea man. This is an awesome kit. I think GW have really stepped up with their terrain although I just wish they had more. As far as ideas I think Alex is right. For a start at least but then as your own flare to it. Maybe some symbols and things to make it more unique. Can’t wait to see what it ends up looking like. Welcome back as well brother, haven’t seen any posts for a while.

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    1. Great. Now I need to buy like 15 more SM kits to use all the ideas I’ve got! Seriously, he’s got some great stuff there.

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  4. I’ve been thinking about buying some of the sector mechanicus terrain myself – you’re really not helping! In terms of inspiration if you’re thinking of going for a jungle/death world board then maybe get some of the flexible vines GW made to wrap around parts of the refinery? Shows that it’s becoming overgrown by the surrounding jungle rather than being something entirely separate.

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  5. The Ferratonic Incinerator and Galvanic Magnavent are my favourites of the SM line, since they’re the best deals that include the straight walkway sprues. I’ve done mine up with the walkways in grey, details picked out in various metals, and then the various solid panels (the dome, sides of storage tanks, etc.) are getting done in orange. It looks pretty good so far, but it’s going kind of slowly. There is a ton of detail on these kits.

    I’d also second Wudugast’s recommendation of the Creeping Vines and Barbed Bracken kits. Great for blending something constructed like this into a wilderness scene.

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    1. It was a bit of a bummer that there was no straight walkways in the Promethium Refinery. I think it is the only sprue not included.

      Grey and orange sounds good, nice combo of colours. I’m thinking of doing yellow walkways and maybe Death Guard green on the panels. Or the other way around. Turquoise on the panels would look great too. It weathers nicely.

      And I’m pretty sure I’ll add vines and stuff. Maybe some Spanish Moss hanging from the walkways too. For a derelict feeling. We’ll see.


      1. Spanish moss would be really cool. The Promethium Refinery may lack the straight walkways, but it is the best deal that includes the dome. Looking through Ray Dranfield’s twitter, there were a number of really cool ideas involving the dome parts, and I only have one, already built in a way that precludes any of them.

        Also, if you haven’t worked with the Sector Mechanicus stuff before, very little of it really needs to be glued together. In particular, the stanchions really don’t need to be glued to the platforms/walkways. At the very least, if you decide you do want them glued together for extra durability or whatever, paint the stanchions before gluing them together. They’re a serious pain in the neck to paint while they’re attached to the walkways.

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      2. The dome was actually one of the first things that caught my eye when the terrain was first released. When I decided to get some I first looked at the Stacks kit.

        And thanks for the heads up on the glueing part. I want to keep it modular.


      3. If you’re careful with them*, even the railings and dangling cables under the walkways can clip on. The only things you really need to glue together are the dome, stack, and tank.

        *And maybe willing to use just a spot of blu-tac here and there.

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      4. I spent an hour or glueing stuff together (tank, stack et al) and I can’t decide on how much to build in one go. Like how high to build the stacks or if to a walkway on top of things. It a bit frustrating but loads of fun too.


  6. Looks like an impressive kit. Almost a bit too detailed for my tastes, given it is basically an industrial complex. I could see it working quite well using a limited palette and adding a variety of weathering effects like rust, oil, sud and dust.

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    1. The kit is excellent. Best quality terrain I ever worked with, stuff match and align perfectly. Not like the horrible Age of Sigmar stuff with mm wide gaps all over. The kit feels like a proper GW model kit.

      All the details doesn’t really bother me, it’s very 40k. I guess it will come down to the paint job. How much you want pick out.

      I’m thinking two main colours Death World Green for the walkway and yellow on the tanks and stacks and stuff. Metal and weathering too of course.


      1. Some of the AoS stuff was horrible. I think I might still have a pic somewhere of my Numinous Occulum with a huge rubber band around it to desperately try to keep it in square as the glue set.

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  7. You say there are EIGHT frames in the box – yet you only show photos of SIX Total frames?

    Is you count off? What are the other two frames not shown?

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    1. You get two frames of the each of the last two ones shown. They are just duplicated so there was no need to show them twice.

      In the kit there are six different frames and a total of eight frames. It is a ton of plastic in this kit.


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