WIP: Scarab Occult Cataphractii Conversion

I love Terminators! There, I said it. Ever since I played Space Hulk for the first time back in the early 90s I’ve had a thing for dudes in Tactical Dreadnought Armour. They look truly indomitable and unstoppable.

This edition they’re better than they have been since forever. Maybe not the best competitive choice at all times but hey, they win by the rule of cool. A while back I got my hands on some Cataphractii Terminators from Betrayal at Calth at began to convert them into Chaos Terminators with Combi-Plasma. Originally intended as a part of my Chaos warband, The Lords of Ascension but as 8th dropped and I got hooked on the Thousand Sons I decided to convert them again. This time as proper Scarab Occult Terminators – the Sekhmet always need more dust.

I ordered some bits and got at it. Now, for some reason the Khopesh Power Swords are hard to get a hold off, not to mention the sword arm from the Cataphractii kit so I had to do a bit reimagining here. I used the chainfist arms and replaced the chainsaw with a Wraithblade. I think it looks pretty cool.

I decided to keep them barebones. All Inferno Combi-Bolters. 20 s4 ap-2 dam1 shots will put a dent in most units. At 204 points they are decently costed too.

Hope you like them. With this unit converted and ready for paint I think I’m actually done with my Thousand Sons. After painting all that it is left to paint. But I have enough units for multiple lists and strategies.


16 thoughts on “WIP: Scarab Occult Cataphractii Conversion

  1. Those are excellent – and I fully agree with you, Terminators are just amazing, without a doubt the coolest thing about Space Marines (with the arguable exception of Dreadnaughts). You’ve done a really nice job of blending the Scarab Occult and Cataphractii bits together and well done bringing the army to a point where completion (in as much as such a thing is ever possible) is within sight 🙂

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