Paint job: Rubric Marines

Here’s a treat for you guys and gals. This squad of Thousand Sons Rubric Marines is probably my best work yet. At least as a squad level paint job. I poured everything I had into the process and after a gazillion sessions I finally put down the brush and called it.

When I look at the pictures I see small mistakes and blemishes everywhere and I feel like – No, damn it! But I’m done. I’ll have to live with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love this squad. It looks awesome. I hope you’ll dig it too.

Aspiring Sorcerer


The whole squad once more.

Let me know what you think.

All is dust!

18 thoughts on “Paint job: Rubric Marines

  1. Those are very nice indeed – your hard work has paid off. I love to see miniatures where someone has really poured care and effort into them, these are models to be proud of.

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  2. I have to agree that they look great – the use of black to shade the gold gives what is usually a warm colour a degree of coldness – perfect for Rubric Marines. Similarly, the green on the bolters and green fire is also much colder than the yellow-orange fire we usually, see – and just adds to the ethereal, cold effect. Fantastic work!

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    1. Thanks mate, I’m glad you like my twist on the gold. It’s actually Drakenhof Nightshade on the gold and not black. The green on the Bolters came out better than I imagined. Inferno Bolts fuelled by the arcane was the idea and yeah, they look the part don’t they.

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      1. Ah, that helps to explain the coldness of the gold even more than black. Do you want me to include these guys in the Squad: March round-up in a few days?

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  3. Fantastic mate – that green is really working well, and I absolutely adore how you’ve handled the gold… and to do a whole squad to that level as well! Superb.

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    1. Cheers! Glad you like them. Thousand Sons are among the best looking armies/models out there in my book. But they are a chore to paint. It take forever to get them done. They are riddled with details.

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    1. Cheers! And thank you for taking the time to comment.

      The bolters are really quite simple and easy to do.

      1. Finish all gold parts of the Bolter.
      2. Paint the parts of the bolters that you want to have the Warp glow effect with Stormhost Silver. Two thin coats will do.
      3. Glaze the silver area with Waywatcher Green, two maybe three times. Waywatcher Green is unfortunately out of production but I’m sure there are suitable alternatives with the new contrast range.
      3. Done.


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