Paint job: Thousand Sons Terminator Sorcerer

Another finished unit, this time a Sorcerer in Terminator Armour. Unlike the MkIII Thousand Sons I showed you last time this ones a quite extensive conversion. I had to dig deep into my bitzbox to find everything I needed. Hell, I needed to do some sculpting too.

I originally modelled him with a Force Sword and Combi-Plasma but that was before the Codex dropped. With the Codex those options only exists in the Index. They are valid but I my army to be purely chosen from the Codex so I gave him a stave and bashed together an Inferno Combi-Bolter instead (I know, those barrels need to be drilled).

I didn’t model a Familiar for him but don’t worry, he has one with him all the time. It is currently tucked away in box under his foot. Hahaha. No, seriously, I got a tips from a guy over at TS Facebook group to use the baby Screamer from the Tzaangor Enlightened kit. I might do that.

Now pictures please!

Keep on keeping on!

11 thoughts on “Paint job: Thousand Sons Terminator Sorcerer

  1. Very nice mate, I really like the hood-like opening around the helmet, looks like an eye! (very thematic!)

    The little touches of red are welcome as well – just warms the palette up a wee bit & balances all that cool blue. Cracking job!

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  2. Great work here and good to see him completed after the WIP posts earlier. It worked out for the best that you waited, since you had to rebuild his ranged weapon, but I’d say it’s worth it in the end. Which blue have you used there? Is that one of the new ones released alongside the TS?

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    1. Thanks mate! The blues are the new ones. Base of Thousand Sons Blue, Nuln Oil wash, Thousand Sons Blue again and a tad Ahriman Blues to finish everything off.


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