Paint job: MkIII Thousand Sons

I’ve been wrapping up a few Thousand Sons units over the last couple of days. A long a tedious journey is finally at its end. It feels extremely good putting the paint brush down and calling this unit.

The unit is a simple kit bash but I think it’s both cool and effective. Let’s look at some pictures.

MkIII Thousand Sons

Please let me know what you think. I’ll drop a few more posts over the coming days showing off the rest of the finished units.

17 thoughts on “Paint job: MkIII Thousand Sons

  1. These are excellent – the armour kitbash works very nicely. Love that some of them appear to have plants growing on them, reminds me of some of the bits of background about them standing sentinel for hundreds of years until activated by a psychic command – naturally they’re going to end up with a bit of flora and fauna settling on the outside of their armour.

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  2. They are superb mate – lovely colour choices on armour & cloak, while the glowing green really adds some zing. They look like absolute sods to paint, so kudos for sticking with it!!

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like the effect. I’ll showcase another squad of Rubrics in a day or so. I think I nailed effect even better on those. Stay tuned.


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