WIP: Thousand Sons Terminator Sorcerer

Here’s a quick little hobby post. I’ve had very little hobby time lately so everything pretty much grinded to a halt. But last night I snuck away from the telly and managed to put this Sorcerer together.

It is a straightforward conversion. The legs are from the old Chaos Terminator Lord kit and the rest is from the Scarab Occult Terminators kit. I just repositioned the hand holding the staff a wee bit.

The base is from Mark over at Heresy of us. It’s quite amazing. You should check out his shop!

In the game he’ll be my High Magister Warlord. Terminator Sorcerers are quite awesome in a Thousand Sons army.

Keep on trucking.

11 thoughts on “WIP: Thousand Sons Terminator Sorcerer

  1. He’s looking great mate – the pose is perfect for showing the relentless power of that Terminator armour, and just the right level of sorcerous bling to get the point across… lovely job!

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    1. The base really helped to bring it all together. It gave him the extra height. I’m very pleased with him and can’t wait for the blizzard to die down so I can undercoat him. He’ll be fun to paint.

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    1. I was testing him on a couple of different bases (including the others you sent) but when I placed the mini on this base it was like – YES! It felt so right. Glad you like. Hopefully I’ll do the base justice with a cool paint job.

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    1. Cheers! Yes, I’ll run him with a Familiar. I thought that was mandatory.

      I’ll either use one of those mini-screamers from the Tzaangor Enlightened kit or just paint some magic glow radiating from the skulls on his base. I haven’t decided yet.


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