A Thousand Sons: Codex Review – Abilities, Traits and Relics

Welcome back to my second instalment of the review of the Thousand Sons Codex. Last time we took a look at the Stratagems and this time we’ll check out the Legion abilities, Warlord Traits and Sorcerous Arcana. Let’s get this started.

Legion Abilities

Brotherhood of Sorcerers

If your army is Thousand Sons and Battleforged (and it will be) then all your Psykers gain +6” to the range of all Psychic Powers. The additional range not only increases your threat range, compensating low mobility it also increases your reliability as you are more likely to be outside of Deny range.

This would be a solid but kind of mediocre Trait in an army with decent psychic potential. But in an army like Thousand Sons where Psykers are plenty and much of your power derives from the Psychic Phase this is huge. Like insanely good, build your army to exploit this ability.

Disciples of Tzeentch

Like all other Codex thus far, Troops in a Thousand Sons army are what we use to call Objective Secured. The objectives they hold can only be contested by other units with a rule similar to this. Sure, this is expected but still great.

Death to the False Emperor

Unlike the two rules above, this doesn’t require your army to be Battleforged. Minor detail as your army will most likely always be Battleforged. Anyway, like all Heretic Astartes, you get exploding sixes in close combat. For every to hit roll of 6+ you get an additional attack. Yeah, it’s great.

Daemonic Ritual

Again a general Heretic Astartes rules ported, this one allows you to summon Daemons. Pick one of you Characters that haven’t moved in the Movement Phase. At the end of that Phase summon Daemons by rolling up to 3d6. Beware, rolling doubles or triples will cause Mortal Wounds on your Character. You can set up a unit of Daemons with a maximum Power Level of the number rolled, within 12” of the summoning Character and 9” from enemy units. Summoning will cost reinforcement points but not a bad strategy as it gives you flexibility.


Warlord Traits

Arrogance of Aeons

Of all the Warlord Traits this is probably the most situational. The Warlord Trait allows you to reroll Deny the Witch rolls. Not bad at all, especially if you face a army dependent on the Psychic Phase. Only problem is that your Warlord can only deny one spell. Useful but not useful enough.

Undying Form

This is a Warlord Trait that we have seen in a few other Codex, your Warlord reduce incoming damage by one (to a minimum of one). Solid if you are looking for a beat stick Warlord but unfortunately not the best one for this purpose.


Solid Warlord Trait for a close combat Warlord, like a Daemon Prince. It allows you Warlord to charge after advancing. Nothing fancy but really good. The threat range when you combine its movement with Warptime is quite massive. Oh, you can reroll the charge roll too. Yeah, this is a good Trait.

Lord of Forbidden Lore

Be cool, stay in school! This Warlord Trait is for all the bookworms out there. It allows your Warlord to know one extra spell. If you go for a list with few Sorcerers then you might want to consider this Warlord Trait but if you have a ton of Psykers it’ll be a bit redundant.

This is Magnus’s Warlord Trait.

Otherworldly Prescience

Simple yet effective Warlord Trait, your Warlord gains +1 to his Invulnerable Save. A 4++ on your Sorcerers is nothing to sneeze at but it comes into its own when you give it to a Daemon Prince for a whopping 3++. With a 3++ your Daemon Prince is quite durable and can really tank some damage.

This is Ahriman’s Warlord Trait.

High Magister

This Warlord Trait gives your Warlord +1 to all his Psychic test. Yes, this is awesome and the go-to choice for any Thousand Sons army. There are plenty of great Warlord Traits but when it comes to general usefulness. It requires nothing from you in terms of list building, you can find use for it in any list. Stellar Warlord Trait!


Sorcerous Arcana

Seer’s Bane

This weapon replaces a Force or Power Sword and it’s quite awesome. First of all it got damage 1d3 which is a big bonus from the Power Sword’s flat damage 1. And if your target is a Psyker or have Ld9+ you get to double your strength. Solid. I would consider running this with a Exalted Sorcerer on a Disc.

Dark Matter Crystal

Mid game teleportation for the win. This Relic is absolutely one of the best in the game, as far as I am concerned. At the end of your movement phase – select your Warlord or a unit within 12” and relocate the unit anywhere on the table as if it was deep striking. You can even pull a unit from assault without Falling Back.

There are so many uses for this Relic. I’ll have this close to my big unit of Scarab Occult Terminators. Either to tactically redeploy them or just to pull them out of combat.

Helm of the Third Eye

Another great Relic. Every time your opponent uses a Stratagem, roll a d6. On a 5+ you gain a Command Point. If you face an army that uses loads of Stratagems like Astra Militarum or Tyranids you can take this as you second Relic and earn that CP back and more.


It’s a pistol and it’s actually pretty good. Three Inferno Bolt Pistol shots with damage 1d3 is nothing to sneeze at. I would consider this on a Exalted Sorcerer on a Disc with Flickering Flames for +1 to wound too and all of a sudden you stand a good chance of stripping wounds from most tanks. Not too shabby at all.

Athenaean Scrolls

This Relic first appeared in Chapter Approved in December. If you roll a double on Psychic Test, your opponent cannot Deny or stop that power. Decent but the odds are against you. I can’t see myself taking this one. Ever. The other relics are just too good in comparison.

The Prismatic Staff

It’s a Force Staff that allows you to charge and shoot after falling back. It’s not bad but not really that good. This relic really needed something more like a better AP or higher strength.


Wow, another one full of words. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Next time we’ll take a look at the three magic disciplines and 18 spells.

All is dust

Ps. Next post will contain minis, promise. Ds.


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    1. You and me both (and maybe half the community). At least to begin with. +1 on a Terminator Sorcerer with Familiar and the +2 to cast Psychic Power and you are looking at +4 on that crucial spell. Pretty insane.


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