Paint job: Xenos Statis-Crypt

I picked up the Sector Imperialis Objectives set back when 8th was released. It’s a cool kit with six very narrative objectives. I put the kit together straightaway, primed them and … nothing. Nothing happened at all. They just laid there.


Until when I started painting the Lord of Skulls, I need something to break the monotony of painting gold and boxing in red (I had my Heldrake on the table too because boxing in blue is much more fun than red). The Xenos Stasis-Crypt is probably the coolest piece in the kit. It has a specimen tank containing the head and spine of a Genestealer, with a clear plastic front.


I went for a very dirty look but it looks really awesome (self praise ftw!). It’s a bit hard to make out the details of the Genestealer but if you look closer it emerges, fully painted. I’m super-pleased and can’t wait to cook up some missions around it. Space Hulk and Zone Mortalis pop into my mind. Search and destroy, suffer not the alien.


Hope you like it!

19 thoughts on “Paint job: Xenos Statis-Crypt

    1. Thanks buddy! The condensation was really fun to paint. I used washes and glazes. Painted some very lightly then scraped it off using my nails and then painting again, scraping it off. Repeat. The effect, as you can see, is very asymmetric and random. I really like it.


    1. Cheers! Thanks for the praise!

      I can’t recall exactly which colours I used but the effect was created by painting with Citadel washes/shades and glazes. Probably the usual suspects – greens and browns predominantly. I remember that it was a fun process painting the condensation on the glass.

      I painted the glass ever so lightly, thinning the paints even further to regain transparency. I scraped the colour off using my fingernails to create random patterns. Repeated the process a few time. I painted on both sides of the clear plastic to create the effect.

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      1. Thanks for the tips – I’d just finished painting mine up in a ‘clean’ style, when I noticed a scratch in the ‘glass’ near the top. It kept nagging at me, so I’m utilising your method (albeit in a more subdued fashion) to have a little ‘underhive gunge’ streaking down from the arches. It’s hidden the defect nicely and looks rad – wouldn’t have had the guts to try it without your help 🙂

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      2. I have an Instagram account dedicated to my hobbying. Mostly Necromunda and Sector Mechanicus – not as impressive as your work though! If you fancy a look, my ID is: art_by_djk

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