The Destruction of Specimen X

I had the oldest two kids (11 and 7) throw down a game of Warhammer 40 000 last Sunday. We played a classic matched up – Marine vs Marine – at about 30PL/500 points. My new Thousand Sons faced my old Loyalist Marines in a fight over a single objective. Small 3*3 table and no fancy Command Points and stuff. Simple. Old school. Let’s forge that narrative.

Buckle up!


The cryostorm had barely resided when Captain Veros threw open the assault doors of his Stormraven and glared down on the frozen wastes. It’s beauty of ice and snow was wasted upon him. To him, it was nothing but yet another backwaters planet on the fringe of the Imperium about to be thorn apart by war. His comm sparked:

“Brother Captain, we have located the xeno specimen,” reported Brother Marton. The engines of his Land Speeder had been shut down and the skimmer floated softly, slowly taking up positions behind an old building.

“But we are not alone, the enemy is here. I’m transmitting auspex readings.”

The data was unmistakable – from the energy signature of powered armour to the distinct profiles of the armour mark and the increased Warp convergence. The Thousand Sons were here. Veros readied his Vanguard Veterans, their jump packs roared and one by one they left the craft in mid flight. The Captain along with them.

Squad Tenn forced their march and quickly took up positions on the battlefield. Their plasma weapons hummed as the power surged. They unleashed their burning volley at the Chaos Rhino and score minor damage. The Thousand Sons continued towards the container. Tenn looked to the sky, the Captain and his Vanguard brothers would hopefully arrive soon.

Veros set down his men defensively, preparing for a counter-charge. The Land Speeder broke his cover and firer on the Rhino but krak missiles missed their target and heavy bolter couldn’t penetrate the tank.

Rubric Marines disembarked the Rhino and fired their Inferno Bolter into the Land Speed but couldn’t bring it down. But in their arrogance they’d exposed themselves to the Emperor’s fury.

One of Veros’ men fell to the overwatch but nothing could stop the assault. The Veterans and the Captain slammed into the Rubricae with devastating force. Only the Aspiring Sorcerer survives the onslaught.

The automatons’ wards could not save them as the overcharged power weapons ripped their arcane armour open. One by one the Rubricae fell.

The Aspiring Sorcerer locked his mind with the giant Solasin Voidstalker. The beast reacted and throw itself into the melee to aid his Thousand Sons’ master. It struck Captain Veros from behind with a flurry of attacks but the Captain’s faith in God-Emperor protected him. His power fist crushed the Chaos Spawn.

While the Vanguard hit their stride against Rubricae, squad Tenn were not so lucky. After Tenn and Marton destroyed the Rhino in concentrated fire, the other squad Rubric Marines unleashed their vengeance. Warp fire destroyed Tenn and his men. Veros ordered the Vanguard to charge the last of the Rubricae and secure the specimen.

But Veros underestimated the wall of fire his men had to face to charging the Thousand Sons. He could do nothing but watch as his men died to the sorcerous flames. Left alone he crashed into the Exalted Sorcerer, determined to at least claim the heretic’s life before he would die.

Again his aim was true and he destroyed the Sorcerer with crushing blows from his power fist. Veros braced himself and recited the Litanies of Hate. His body was drenched in Warpfire, his armoured melted inflicting torturous pain but his faith protected him once more.

The battle was lost and the specimen was left for Thousand Sons to claim. But Veros would live to fight again. He would return to deliver the Emperor’s vengeance.


That’s it. Really close fought and could have gone either way. After the Vanguard destroyed the first Thousand Sons squad I thought the loyalists had the game but those Warpflamer are murder. 4d6 S4 Ap-2 autohits. Things just melt away. The Captain made an insane amount of 4++ saves but with only one wound left there he didn’t fancy charging them.

The kids don’t really understand the much more than the core mechanics of the game, so a bunch of tactical mistakes were made. But it was a good time and an awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Hope you enjoyed the write up.

Keep on trucking!

8 thoughts on “The Destruction of Specimen X

  1. Sounds like it was a fun time and a good scenario to play with your children: ambitious enough to hold their interest but not so complicated, huge a game that it would lose their attention.

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    1. Yeah, we tried bigger games before. Like a thousand points. They just collapsed due to lack of attention. A few units is plenty. The problem is all the measuring and positioning in the movement phase and charge phase. The game is still a bit on the slow side for the kids. But we’ll try again.

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  2. Great narrative write up, and it sounded like a fun game, tactical depth or not. Kids at that age don’t remember the details of the game, but they do remember they had fun, so that’s all that matters.

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